Parenting Family Dispute Resolution – Shuttle Mediation


4-hour Shuttle parenting family dispute resolution mediation provided via video meeting technology.

Note: You must have participated in a pre-mediation session with one of our practitioners to be eligible to purchase Family Dispute Resolution Mediation Services.

Parenting Family Dispute Resolution using Shuttle Mediation.

This fee includes:

  • up to four hours of Shuttle family dispute resolution provided online through the Interact Online family dispute resolution service.
  • documenting and sending out via email any points of agreement reached during your mediation session.
  • if mediation is not successful in resolving all issues, issue of a section 60i certificate (if requested)

What is Shuttle Mediation?

Shuttle Mediation is a process where the participants are in separate virtual rooms and do not speak directly. The Mediators will move back and forward between the virtual rooms to assist you to share information and negotiate.

The process is used when there are concerns due to past family violence, mental health or other reason why directly speaking is not considered appropriate. The process is less efficient and takes longer so we schedule for an additional hour of mediation.

This is a co-mediation service. The lead mediator is a registered family dispute resolution practitioner who will be working with an Intern or less experienced Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

Each participant pays their own fees unless otherwise agreed. Fees are means-tested. Contact us if you are on a low income or would like us to consider special hardship conditions.



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