Online Dispute Resolution Services

We can help you to sort it out. 


Do you have a dispute with an individual or organisation? These things don't usually sort out by themselves. Our Community Mediation service allows you to speak with a mediator to help you to work out your next steps.

Family Dispute Resolution

Are you considering separation or divorce? Already separated but having trouble with shared parenting? We offer Family Law Mediation services which may be able to help you to sort things out.


If you change your approach you can change the results you get, even if you are not the cause of the problem! Courses and coaching in interpersonal skills, negotiation skills and more can help to improve the situation for you and your children.

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Step Parents and Family Law

Step Parents and Family Law isn’t very clear in terms of any automatic rights but there are options if you want to maintain spending time or communication after separating from their biological parent.

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These organisations provide in-kind and sponsorship support for Interact Support.

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