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Interact Support provides help to resolve disputes through appropriate dispute resolution processes. 

Because sometimes peace needs a helping hand.

Family Dispute Resolution

Family Law Mediation services are a facilitated negotiation process that helps you to resolve disputes with the minimum of cost and conflict possible in your situation.


Dispute resolution services provided by NMAS Accredited Mediators to help you negotiate with landlords, tenants, neighbours, partners and others when you are finding it hard to communicate.


If you change your approach you can change the results you get. Coaching and training in interpersional skills, negotiation skills and help to work out your resolution goal and goal plan.

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Suzanne McDonald

Suzanne McDonald is a solicitor and family dispute resolution practitioner based north of Canberra in NSW. She is a NMAS Mediator and Child Consultant.

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Ken Speakman

Ken Speakman is a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, NMAS accredited mediator, relationship mediator and negotiation coach.

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Joanne Law

Joanne Law is an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) NMAS Mediator and a certified New Ways for Families Coach.

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