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Interact Support is a not-for-profit established to help reduce and resolve family conflict. We provide information, courses, consultation and services to help people to resolve differences without violence and abuse.

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Interact Consultation

Interact Consultations are an opportunity to get a clear understanding of your situation, options and to establish a clear goal and goal plans to resolve family conflict. A Family Law Professional will help you to plan to get out of the conflict zone as soon as you can.




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Legal Advice and Strategy Session

Legal advice and strategy sessions provide good quality legal advice for people facing family law and family violence issues.



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New Ways for Families

Online Post-Separation Parenting Course.

High-quality international course now fully adapted for Australian Family Law.



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Family Dispute Resolution




Interact Support offers family dispute resolution via video mediation throughout Australia.

We have no waiting lists and can get your family started on the path towards resolution of your dispute straight away.

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High Conflict Family Dispute Resolution

Interact Support offers high conflict family dispute resolution via video mediation throughout Australia for families where a history of high conflict or violence mean that standard FDR is not appropriate.

Video Shuttle and direct conversation Video Mediation options available and no waiting lists.

If you have property, finance or parenting issues to sort out but can’t meet. What are you waiting for?


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Mediator Facilitated Negotation FDR

Interact Support offers a FDRP Mediator Facilitated Negotiation service for families where participating in a Video Mediation is not appropriate or not practical.

This is a lower cost and less adversarial alternative to solicitor negotiation. We help to keep you out of court and working towards a resolution of property, finance or parenting issues for separated couples.

If getting a resolution is more important to you than getting revenge find out more.


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Consent Orders


Our Consent Order application process assists in documenting and submitting Consent Order applications through the family court.



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Interact Support is developing a library of self-paced and coached course in topics related to interpersonal and conflict resolution skills. Find out more.



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The Interact Support mission is to reduce and resolve family conflict

... because sometimes peace needs a helping hand. Find out More


Fact Sheets, Resources, Guides and Articles designed to help people with family law and family violence courts and interpersonal relationships.


Interact Programs are designed to provide low cost support and helpful services for people who want to prevent, reduce or resolve conflict in their personal lives.


Our question and answer section helps to answer some of the common questions asked about Family Law, Family Violence and Emotional Intelligence.


If you are having difficulty with a service related to family law you can contact us to discuss your concerns. We may be able to provide an advocate to speak on your behalf.

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Does someone in your family have Boderline Personality Disorder?

May is Borderline Personality Week and an opportunity to reflect and learn more about this condition. What is Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)? Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental health disorder officially recognised in the 1980's.  Clinical criteria as...
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New Ways Coaches now available

Interact Support is pleased to announce the launch of the New Ways for Families Coaching services delivered by Certified New Ways Coaches. Who is the New Ways Coaching for? New Ways Coaching is for parents after separation. It may be helpful for you If you...
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Getting Tailored Legal Advice

Preparation for Legal Advice Getting good quality legal advice is strongly encouraged for all people involved in separation and divorce.  Understanding your legal rights and obligations makes it much easier to reach a property settlement or parenting...
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What to expect in your Property Family Dispute Resolution Session

Property Family Dispute Resolution is a process designed for people who need to reach an agreement about splitting up assets when they separate. It is unlike Parenting Family Dispute Resolution. Parenting Family Dispute Resolution is a process designed to help parents...
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Parenting Orders Review Program

Do your Parenting Orders need tweaking but you still find it hard to talk to each other? If that is your situation, our Parenting Orders Review Program is for you. The program is designed for people who have a Parenting Order that requires you to share...
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