Dispute Resolution

Online Mediation Services to help resolve any type of dispute.

If you have an interpersonal or contractural dispute we can help with high quality, means tested online mediation services.

Online Courses

Learn how to manage anger and other strong emotions.

Learn how to adapt to post-separation parenting and protect your children from harmful conflict.

Conflict Coaching

Coaching helps you to focus on the future and access the resources and knowledge you need to achieve it.

Coaching in interpersonal skills and more can help to improve the situation even if they won't participate in mediation.

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We have team members throughout Australia.

Hardship rates available

Our services are designed to be affordable however if you are experiencing financial hardship or are on a low fixed income fee reductions may apply. Our fee reduces by 50% if your household income is less than $50,000. Larger fee reductions are possible if needed.

We won't turn you away because of your financial situation.

Safe, Online Services

We use technology because it allows us to be more accessible, flexible and responsive. No need to travel or be in the same place to mediate. We offer online shuttle and mediator negotiation if there are reasons to prevent direct communication.

No matter the issue, you can participate in mediation to try to sort it out.

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