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Interact Support is a not-for-profit established to help reduce and resolve family conflict. We provide information, courses, consultation and services to help people to resolve differences without violence and abuse.

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Separation and Divorce Consultation

Separation and Divorce Consultations are like getting a Divorce Roadmap. A Family Law Professional will help you with trip planning to get out of the conflict zone as fast as you can.

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The Mediation School

Interact Support provides work placement opportunities for new family dispute resolution practitioners. Your mediation will be co-facilitated by an intern or newly qualified mediator in a joint session with a fully qualified and experienced supervisor. You benefit from the care and enthusiam of new entrants to the industry who have already been assessed as comptent in Family Dispute Resolution by a Vocational Training Organisation.
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Legal Advice and Stragey Session

Legal advice and strategy sessions provide good quality legal advice for people facing family law and family violence issues.
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High Conflict Family Dispute Resolution

If your family has experienced high conflict or family violence you may have been turned away from a Family Dispute Resolution service as you do not fit within their guidelines. High Conflict Family Dispute Resolution offers another alternative other than the highly expensive legal pathway.
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Consent Orders

Our Consent Order application process assists in documenting and submitting Consent Order applications through the family court.
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Courses to help understand Australian Family Law, State Family Violence legislation and emotional intelligence skills.
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Divorce Coaching

Divorce Coaching is available in several program formats.  It is designed to help people to navigate their way between being in a couple to building a new life as a single person or co-parent.
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Our mission is to reduce and resolve family conflict

... because sometimes peace needs a helping hand. Find out More


Fact Sheets, Resources, Guides and Articles designed to help people with family law and family violence courts and interpersonal relationships.


Interact Programs are designed to provide low cost support and helpful services for people who want to prevent, reduce or resolve conflict in their personal lives.


Our question and answer section helps to answer some of the common questions asked about Family Law, Family Violence and Emotional Intelligence.


If you are having difficulty with a service related to family law you can contact us to discuss your concerns. We may be able to provide an advocate to speak on your behalf.

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Signs of Emotional Abuse

Read this article to find out if your relationship is emotionally abusive or emotionally supportive. Plus the 3 options if you are living with abuse.

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Scenario: Domestic Violence and Family Law Options

The question "What are my choices when they won't mediate?" is a common one we get. This article is written with a specific scenario in mind and may not apply to your situation if different. The interaction between Domestic Violence and Family Law is complex and if...
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Property Agreements

Interact Support offers services to help separating couples to reach Property Settlement Agreement following their decision to separate.

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Protected: Establishing Referral Relationships with Agencies

Establishing Referral Relationships Collaboration is a core value for Interact Support and our goal is to link in with other agencies via referral relationships so that we help our clients to access their services that are appropriate for them and they help their...
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Bringing the children into the mediation with child inclusive practice

Do you disagree about what is best for your child? Child Inclusive Practice is a way of bringing children into the mediation process without exposing them to parental conflict. We generally wouldn't include a child into a mediation session because they should not be...
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