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Interact Support Incorporated is a not-for-profit established in 2015 to help families who are slipping through the gaps in the family law system.

Our mission is to prevent family violence by helping families in conflict to find resolution for their issues and to gain the skills they need to deal with future issues without violence and abuse.

… because sometimes peace needs a helping hand.

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Friendly February

Friendly February and the Action Calendar from The Happiness Foundation is a great way to focus on simple actions to bring more friendliness to the world!

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Legal Advice

Collaborative Family Law

This post provides basic information about Collaborative Family Law including what it is, why you might use Collaborative Family Law rather then Family Dispute Resolution or a more adversarial approach.

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Interact Support provides services through a network of independent family law professionals. They provide services to help keep families out of court and in control. 

Most people don’t need a judge to decide how to care for their children and share their property but they do need some professional help.

We work throughout Australia by Video Meeting or Phone.


These organisations provide in-kind and sponsorship support for Interact Support.

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