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What does Interact Support do?

Interact Support Incorporated was established in September 2015 and in 2021 re-clarified its purpose. 

Since its reclarification in 2021, Interact Support has been running a number of programs throughout Australia related to dispute resolution designed to help prevent abuse, damaging,  conflict and violence in the Australian community. 

Our mission is to help restore peace in conflict relationships, through information sharing, online courses, coaching, dispute diagnostic and dispute resolution services.  

Our services are driven by our values. We can’t guarantee you will reach a resolution but we can guarantee that you will be provided with effective systems, processes and help for you to improve your situation. 

Our Story

Interact Support is a social enterprise style not for profit established by a group of Family Lawyers and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners in 2015. 

Our goal is to reduce harm caused by interpersonal conflict and violence to individuals concerned, the children also affected and our community. 

Our Purpose

  • To assist with the relief of distress and disadvantage, including as a result of physical, psychological or economic violence, abuse, disability or misfortune; 
  • To support people in need through the provision of information, dispute resolution services, education and advocacy;
  • To raise awareness of non-adversarial dispute resolution; and 
  • To further related education and skills development for professionals and the broader community.


If you have a question about resolving a dispute or conflict we can help. 

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Our Values

Our values are what guide us in how we work with you. What can you expect from our services?

 Respectful Consideration 
  • You will be asked what is important to you. 
  • You will be helped to listen to and consider other perspectives.
  • Your needs will be taken into account and acknowledged in the way we provide our services to you.
  • You will be be asked for your feedback.
  • Your feedback will be considered and used to improve the effectiveness of our services 
Clarify and Confidentiality 
  • Your private and confidential information will not be shared without your permission unless we have a duty of care to do protect someone from harm. 
  • We will also comply with any legal and ethical obligations we have. 
  • You will be asked to work with other people in your dispute, make full disclosure, and work collaboratively towards a solution that is acceptable to each other.
  • You will be asked to consider what other resources you could bring to the table to make it possible to achieve better solutions. 
  • You will be asked to share your objectives, what you want to achieve and will also be asked to listen and acknowledge what others want to achieve respectfully.
  • You will be asked to consider different points of view and new option you may not have considered before.
  • We collaborate with other services who can help you and support our mission to prevent abuse and violence and restore peace. 
  • You may be asked to consider a compromise when the alternatives to resolving the disputes are worse than the compromise solution. 
  • You can expected us to measure the value of our services by how well they reduce your stress, anxiety and support you in your decision making.
  • You can expect us to look for new ways to improve the effectiveness of the services we provide to you.
  • You will be offered services fully online because that allows us to respond rapidly and safety regardless of the issues you are facing.
  • You will be referred to face to face services if that is your preference.


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