MI Community Mediation

Mi Community Mediation

07/12/2022 / By Joanne Law / Leave a Comment / Information, Mi Community Mediation

The Mi Community Mediation is a program designed to bring mediation and other dispute resolution services into communities where the work of peacemakers is needed.

Mediation is a process where an independent third party meets with the people involved in a dispute or conflict to talk with them about the issues and what they think is needed to resolve the dispute.

If the situation is suitable for mediation based on those discussions they will facilitate mediation between the people to try and find a resolution. Mediation is often done face to face in person or online however if there are risks to the physical or psychological safety of someone they can negotiate the communication indirectly.

Processes such as shuttle mediation where people are present at the same time but not speaking directly or mediator facilitated negotiation where they are not present at the same time are both options.

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