Why use a co-parenting App?

Co-parenting apps are used to help parents to manage the challenges of co-parenting with less conflict and lower potential for excessive, angry or abusive messages upsetting each other.

Our Family Wizard is one of the leading Co-Parenting Apps but there are many others.

Some are generic and designed to help busy families with children who have lots of extracurricular activities to coordinate, and others are specialists built for those who are co-parenting after separation and divorce.

This article – Our Family Wizard vs Emails and Text: What’s the Difference? provides a good overview of what the difference is! (opens in a new tab)

The article explores 7 questions.

  1. Does it matter if the app is built for co-parents? (hint they think it does)
  2. Is your information secure?
  3. Can you download messages easily? Co-mediation apps are not confidential, and they shouldn’t be, as their purpose is to make people think twice before communicating in a way that is harmful and abusive.
  4. Does the app help you to handle co-parent stress?
  5. Can you connect with your child, caregivers and family law professionals through the app?
  6. Can you access tech support and education from the app provider?
  7. What is the overall cost of the app?

To find out more from the perspective of Our Family Wizard, read the article on their website – https://www.ourfamilywizard.com.au/ourfamilywizard-vs-emails-texts

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