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Homes should be a place of support, love and peace but sometimes peace needs a helping hand.

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Interact Support is a not-for-profit established to provide services designed to help reduce family conflict and family violence. 

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Services Available

We provide a number of servces to help resolve coflict and improve relationships by negotiating agreements regarding parenting, property and behaviour. 

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Guidance Sessions

Guidance Sessions – these Family Law coaching sessions are designed to help you to work through the issues, understand your options, develop your priorities and work out what the next step is to get out of your current situation and on with your life.  Find out more about Guidance Sessions

Legal Advice

Legal Advice – legal advice prevents you from making decisions based on what you think sounds fair or what well meaning friends or relatives tell you. It’s really important that you understand what is likely to happen if you go to court so that you can avoid it if possible. Find out about our fixed fee Legal Advice and Strategy Sessions – just $250 for 90 minutes.

Family Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Resolution – Family Dispute Resolution is a specialist form of mediation where a FDR Practitioner helps you to discuss the issues you are having with your former partner, consider your options, make and listen to proposals and where possible reach decisions. Interact Support FDR service works on a base fee of $190 per hour (shared between you for joint sessions) with the option to apply for hardship discounts if you are doing it tough right now. Find out more about Family Dispute Resolution

Mediator Facilitated Negotiation

Mediator Facilitated Negotiation is a service for people who can not communicate directly due to family violence order or because direct communication is not acceptable or possible.

The service is designed to help identify issues, develop and put proposals and facilitate the negotiation of the terms of any agreement reached. It does not replace the need for independent legal advice.

It is designed to help resolve issues when mediation has failed and the only other alternative is to go to family court.

It can also be used to deal with practical issues while working your way through the family court system.

Consent Order Applications

Consent Order Applications – if you do reach agreement in family dispute resolution or even without outside assistance sometimes you need your agreement made legally binding. We can help you to complete your Do-it-yourself Consent Order Application under the supervision of a family lawyer. Find out more about Consent Order Applications. 

Divorce Applications

Divorce Applications – if you have been separated for twelve months you can now apply for a divorce. We can help you to complete your Do-it-yourself Divorce Order Application under the supervision of a family lawyer.  Find out more about Divorce Order Applications. 

Family Court Initiating Application

Initiating Applications – going to the family court is a stressful, expensive and time consuming process. Interact Support encourages trying all alternatives before starting court action however we understand that in some situations, with some ex-partners the only way to resolve the family law conflict you are experiencing is to go to court for a judgement.  If you feel that you are in this situation book in for a Guidance Session and we will consider the merits of your case.  Find out more about Initiating Applications. 

Family Court Response to an Application

Response Applications – if you have been dragged into family court by your former partner Interact Support may be able to assist you as a self-represented litigant or with low cost legal representation.  We provide guidance, legal advice, assist with completing your response application and either support or representation in court, all with low fixed fees and total clarity about costs.  Find out more about Response Applications. 

Family Violence Court

Understanding, Applying or Responding to Family Violence Orders. 

We have legal advisors who can assist you to understand your options in relation to applying for Family Violence Orders.

They can also advise people who have been served with a Family Violence Order to consider their response application.

Fixed fee representation is also available for those who need it.

Fixed fee legal advice and legal representation is available in all Melbourne Courts.