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Interact Support provides low cost
support for people with
family law related issues.

Our volunteers help us to spread peace.  


Help us to distribute information for people who are considering separation on how to avoid problems escalating into war.


Help us educate parents about emotional and psychological abuse and what their children need from them to be resilient.


Help us to develop our Tiny House in My Backyard (TIMBY) project to help prevent homelessness for older single women.

Want to help kid's be happy kids?

Exposure to family violence is a form of family violence.

Exposure doesn’t just mean being in the room when mum and dad are yelling abuse at the other or hurting them. 

It also means comforting a distraught parent or helping to clean up the mess of broken things in the house. 

Kids without a safe and secure home often grow up to be reactive, high conflict people with low resilience. 

That doesn’t have to be their fate even if that’s what their parents are living with.

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We are looking for volunteers to help us to get the word out about our services, build our professional network, attract sponsors and in other ways that may be unique to you. 

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