Study Opportunity: The relationship between gambling and domestic violence against women.

We know that there is a relationship between problem gambling and domestic violence. There is a higher likelihood of family violence in families where gambling is a problem but very little is know about the nature of this relationship between gambling and domestic violence.

Participation in the study

The Australian Institute of Family Studies is working with the Central Queensland University, Relationships Australia, Women’s Health in the North, Crossroads and Cairns Regional Domestic Violence Service to conduct further research into the topic. The study is funded by Australia’s national research organisation for women’s safety

Interested in taking part?

What is required?

Participation in a confidential telephone interview

Who can participate?

Men and women who are in one of the following groups:

  • women affected by domestic violence – women who have had a current or former male partner use controlling or violent behaviours towards them (domestic violence) linked to your gambling or linked to your partners gambling or if you use gambling or gambling venues to cope with or escape from domestic violence and you have attended a domestic violence, gambling or allied support service.
  • women affected by financial abuse – women who have mainly experienced financial or economic abuse (or you would prefer to have the interview focus only on this form of domestic violence) that is linked to a male partner’s gambling and you have attended a financial counselling, DV or gambling support service
  • men – who have engaged in a behaviour change program for controlling or violent behaviours towards a female partner and been in a relationship where gambling was an issue for you or your female partner.

Is there a payment for participating?

You will receive a $40 shopping voucher as a thank you for your time.

When it participation required?

The study is recruiting till December 2018

How can I participate?

Register your interest on the study registration page 

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