Sharron Duncan

New Ways Coach – Sharron Duncan

In addition to providing coaching for parents using the New Ways for Families approach Sharron runs a Child Contact Service in Queensland.

You can contact Sharron directly at:

Business Name: Peace Of Mind

Business Address:  48 Curran St, D’Aguilar QLD 4514

Phone: 0413 969 295

Website: Peace of Mind

As a New Ways Coach Sharron can assist with preparing for family dispute resolution and also helps parents to develop an agreed transition from supervised contact to sharing care without the involvement of a supervisor.

Sharron is the Founder of Peace of Mind Supervised Contact Service.

She provides Court ordered or privately organised supervised parental visitations. With a background of many years working within social community services platforms and assisting families and children to achieve more holistic and healthy relationships including assisting disabled children to achieve the most out of life.

Sharron also founded the first Neighborhood Center for the Woodford and surrounding areas, assisting individuals with welfare Issues, employment issues, parenting issues and referrals to Professional colleges as required.

Sharron Du…

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