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As the COVID-19 pandemic makes it harder for parents to see children they don’t live with due to state boarder closures and mandatory quarantine for travellers’ enquiries about child alienation are on the rise.  

We did a review of search terms on our website comparing the April – July period in 2019 with 2020. The results are quite interesting and telling in terms of what is concerning people looking for help with post separation issues.

In 2019 the top three issues were Child Alienation, Personality Disorder related questions and about Family Court procedures.

In 2020 the top three issues were Child Alienation, Emotional Abuse and Abuse in general. 

We’ve seen a thirty percent (30%) increase in child alienation enquiries and our article 5 steps to Reversing Child Alienation is one of the top 5 posts on our site.

Even more significantly we have seen a forty percent (40%) increase in search terms related to abuse and a three hundred percent (300%) increase in search terms related to emotional abuse.  Our number one post on the site in terms of popularity is an Are you being Emotionally Abusive? Self-quiz

It seems that people are less concerned about personality disorders than they were with searches for online co-parenting courses also significantly increasing.  Interact Support has a licensing agreement and has created an Australian version of the New Ways for Families post-separation parenting course. This program includes strategies to improve post-separation parenting and explains the very real damage that ongoing conflict between parents causes to children. 

You can find out more about the course here

It will be interesting to see if the focus of visitors to our website changes with our introduction of the Interact Online program to provide online dispute diagnostic and dispute resolution services throughout Australia.

Interact Online is a means-tested program which can begin with a free dispute diagnostic to determine what the appropriate dispute resolution (ADR) approach is best for your situation.

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What do you think? What sorts of answers are you looking for in regards to interpersonal and contract disputes?

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