Rob Dilley

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Rob Dilley – Lawyer

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Rob Dilley provides Legal Advice and Strategy Sessions for Interact Support from his office in Newcastle (by appointment only).

Rob is a family law solicitor working for Newcastle and Legal Conveyancing.

Rob is a lawyer at Newcastle Legal and is a member of the Family Law Legal Aid Panel. He provides advice via telephone or face-to-face in Newcastle, NSW by appointment.

Rob has a busy family law practice with a particular focus on parenting matters. He commits a significant portion of his practice to spending time in court and advocating for his clients. With experience across highly contentious issues including family violence, drugs, alcohol and estrangement, Rob has the essential experience to advise and assist in the successful outcome of your family parenting matter.

Prior to entering legal practice Rob spent more than 20 years in small community organisations as an event organiser, building manager and book keeper. The logical extension of this grass-roots history was to become an advocate for people in need.

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Call on 1800 003 004  or click on the website link to visit the website.

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The Firm

Newcastle Legal have offices at 17 Beaumont St, Hamilton, NSW 2303 and 32 Cardiff Rd, New Lambton Heights, NSW 2305. Offering services via telephone, or face to face.

Accessible and affordable legal advice

At Newcastle Legal we understand that life can sometimes present moments that require help from a lawyer.

Some of these moments are happy occasions like buying or starting a new business, and buying or selling your home.  Some are just necessary, like making and updating your Will for your family’s protection and your own peace of mind, or a binding financial agreement.  Other moments are challenging, like getting divorced or separating from your partner, or when death or injury occurs.

As your legal team at Newcastle Legal, we help you through those periods by providing you with the best advice at an affordable price.

Newcastle Legal and Conveyancing


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Legal Advice and Strategy Sessions

Providing Legal Advice and Strategy Sessions for Interact Support clients.

The session is 90 minutes long and is designed to help participants understand their legal rights and obligations. Then the session moves on to a consideration of options and then finally a strategy to deal with your legal issue.

Sometimes the strategy is to attempt Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) mediation, sometimes it is to go to court and sometimes it might be to sit back and wait for the other person to initiate legal action if they want to.  The advice is customised to your situation, budget and desired outcomes.

Please contact Interact Support to complete an Interact Support Client File and Family Doors Risk Screen document before contacting one of the law firms we refer to.

This ensures that you have all the information they need to understand your situation and to make the maximum use of the session.

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Rob has been my family court lawyer for the last year and half. From the first meeting I had with Rob, until the present day, I have always felt 100% supported as a client, and have never doubted him as the lawyer for me. To say my case is a nightmare, would be an understatement. Rob took the time to understand my history and how important it is for myself and my daughter to have each other in our lives.

Lisa, October 2018

For more information about their client results contact Newcastle Legal.




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