Rental Property Mediation and Meeting Facilitation

Assistance to negotiate adjustments to rental agreements due to COVID-19 or other hardship.

Help to prevent things going from bad to worse.

Phone and Web Meetings

No travel expenses or risks.  We can help you from anywhere.  Contact our team to request a review of your situation for suitability.

Family Dispute Resolution
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Communication Facilitation

No one expected a 100 year pandemic so we are all working this out as we go along.  The key to a successful rental agreement re-negotiation is clear and honest communication.  Having a mediator involved means nothing is binding until you have agreement.

We help you to paint the picture

Collaborative negotiation helps you to work out an agreement based on what is possible. There is a lot of ground between all and nothing where agreement may be able to be reached in a way that is mutually acceptable.

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Rental Property Mediation
and Meeting Facilitation

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Contact Us

Find out if we are able to assist you. We accept direct enquiries from tenants, real estate agents and property owners.

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Evaluate the situation

Our intake officer will do a quick review of your situation based on some basic information you provide. If we can help they will allocate a mediator or meeting facilitator.

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Payment Required

The service is supported by a team of professional mediators who are assisting us with this important work. In situations where there is significant hardship an administration fee only is charged, for all others a low fixed fee per mediation / negotiation session.

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Preparation meetings

Confidential preparation meetings help you to work out what your negotiation range is, what's your bottom line and what's the best you can do / accept.

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A mediation session where the owner and the tenant speak directly is the fastest and most effective way to reach a resolution. Working with the real estate agent is an optional but a slower process.

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New Agreements

If a new agreement is reached it may be a legally binding modification or breaking of the lease or may be a non-binding agreement subject to review.

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Get in touch today

Tenants - don't risk your rental history, credit rating and future housing security. Be proactive about making an arrangement.
Landlords - don't risk the cost of enforcement on people who don't have the money to comply with demands. Engage in mediation to find a way forward that works for everyone.