Property Agreements

When you separate from a De Facto Relationship or Marriage one of the important tasks to finalise that separation is Property Agreements.

What do I need to know about Property Agreements?

In some situations there is no need to formalise a property agreement but in most cases you should not just reach an agreement but also get that agreement made legally binding by getting a Consent Order.

Property Agreements are designed to make your agreement about your assets clear and by reaching an agreement you avoid the cost and conflict of going to court.

It is still important to get legal advice and not allow fear of going to court to lead you to making an agreement that is unfair. Once you know what is likely to happen in court you need to factor in what it is likely to cost you to reach that kind of agreement and then you are in a much better position to make intelligent decisions about what your property settlement might be like.

How can I reach a Property Agreement?

DIY – The simplest and easiest way is to sit down with your former partner and negotiate an agreement. The downside is if you are feeling angry, intimidated or otherwise upset with your former partner you may find it difficult to reach an agreement.

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) – in Family Dispute Resolution you retain the ability to make your own decisions but you do so as part of a process facilitated by a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners are Family Law Professionals who have completed post-graduate studies in helping couples to work out parenting agreements and property settlements.


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