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Friendly February

Friendly February and the Action Calendar from The Happiness Foundation is a great way to focus on simple actions to bring more friendliness to the...

Collaborative Family Law

This post provides basic information about Collaborative Family Law including what it is, why you might use Collaborative Family Law rather then Family Dispute Resolution...

Joanne Law

Joanne Law is an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) and a certified New Ways for Families Coach.


One of the things that you need to learn how to deal with properly when negotiating with someone is proposals. Proposals are the building blocks...

Preparing for Mediation

Preparing for Family Dispute Resolution Mediation.

Mental Health Phone Help Lines

Mental Health Phone Help Line Numbers can be a resource to help you cope with really tough times.

Why to say yes to Family Dispute Resolution with Interact Support

This post shares three good reasons for why to say yes to family dispute resolution with Interact Support especially when there has been family violence...

Bank Help

This post has information about how bank's may be able to help if you are experiencing hardship or financial distress due to family violence or...

Do you have a problem with your emotions and anger management?

If you have problems with your emotions and anger management it may be that you haven't learnt the skills of emotional control. It's not too...

Four steps in a family law separation

Four steps in a family law separation gives you an overview of what needs to happen