Shuttle Family Dispute Resolution


Shuttle Family Dispute Resolution – a four-hour shuttle mediation session to assist to negotiate parenting, financial or property settlement issues.

Shuttle Family Dispute Resolution is offered in situations where there are barriers in place to standard Family Dispute Resolution.

This usually means that there is a family violence order in place that limits the type of contact that can occur or when one or both of the participants feel unable to negotiate face to face, even via video meeting.

Interact Online provides online mediation services – for family dispute resolution we have the option of online video meetings if you can face each other, online shuttle mediation (this service) or mediator facilitated negotiation.

See our Family Dispute Resolution and Mediator Facilitated Negotiation Family Dispute Resolution services to find out more.

The purpose of Shuttle Family Dispute Resolution

The purpose of shuttle Family Dispute Resolution is to provide a way to resolve issues safely even in high conflict situations.

It includes access to the New Ways for Families course for both parties to the mediation and a mediation process facilitated by Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners who help you to communicate without speaking directly to each other.

The objective of the process is to help you to negotiate a practical resolution for Parenting or Property issues in situations where one or both parties is not willing or able to communicate directly with the other.

If during the process you both feel that speaking face to face via video meeting is appropriate your facilitators may be able to bring you together into the same online meeting room.

The Shuttle Mediation Process

This is a four hour mediation process where the participants do not speak directly with each other.

All communication is facilitated by the mediators who move from virtual room to virtual room helping the participants to share their perspective and proposals and negotiate towards a resolution of issues or settlement agreements.

The sessions are scheduled for four hours.

This service can only be provided after pre-mediation processes have occured.  Pre-mediation includes the following:

  • an individual risk screening and preparation session for each participant – FDR Pre-Mediation
  • communication is confidential and directly between you and your mediators to arrange for sessions, collect information,a and prepare
  • included in preparation is identification of the issues and the preparation of an agenda for the mediation to allow for each of you to prepare for the mediation session to follow.
  • access to the New Ways for Families course for each participant
  • should Family Dispute Resolution be deemed inappropriate under any circumstances or the other parent refuses to participate the fee includes a section 60i Certificate (Parenting Only)

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