A confidential Pre-Mediation session. This service includes all phone calls, emails and meetings (via video meeting) for one person.


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More details about pre-mediation

Pre-Mediation is a mandatory first step in the mediation process.

When you purchase this pre-mediation process service we will contact you, if we haven’t already spoken, to determine the type of issues to be resolved and allocate your mediation team.

You will have a team of two mediators allocated to assist you to resolve the dispute.

The purpose of pre-mediation is to:

  1. Make sure that mediation is appropriate at this time – the mediator will check that there is no risk, health or other barrier to mediation taking place and determine if there needs to be any modification to the process such as permitting a support person, advisor or advocate as part of the process. The participation of anyone who is not directly involved in the issues is by agreement with the mediators having the final say on the structure and participants in the mediation process.
  2. Explain the proposed mediation process and get committment to proceed – mediation is a facilitated negotiation process designed to resolve a dispute. It will only proceed if all parties express a genuine desire and willingness to resolve the dispute.
  3. Make sure that the right people are going to be at the mediation (able to consider options and make decisions) – if the dispute is a contract dispute or relates to corporate entities rather than individuals the mediator will make sure that decision makers attend the mediation and that they have the authority to negotiate on behalf of their organisation. If an organisation proposes someone who is inappropriate for the mediation and a 2nd pre-mediation session is required additional fees will apply.
  4. Make sure that the people at the mediation are prepared and able to negotiate – the mediators will help you to clarify the issues for resolution, help you to consider your desired outcome and take into account any legal or other advice you have.  If you lack information about your legal position and the alternatives to negotiating an outcome they will assist you to prepare for legal, financial or other advice as is appropriate to your specific situation.
  5. Provide information, referrals and assistance to prepare for mediation – the mediators will help you to prepare for the mediation, explain what will be required of you during the mediation, if mediation is not deemed appropriate at this time help you to consider your alternatives, provide referrals if necessary and genarally help you to move forward towards being prepared to resolve the dispute.

How long does pre-mediation take?

We generally allow for up to an hour via video meeting or phone call.

The session length depends on how complex the situation is and whether any preparation work has been done.  In some rare situations you may agree with the mediators that additional sessions are required and if so additional fees would apply.

How long is your waiting list?

We don’t have a waiting list. You will be able to get started straight away when you work with Interact Online.

Within 24 hours of purchasing this service you will be contacted for more information to determine the best mediators for you or contacted to book in for your pre-mediation session if you have indicated your preferred mediator.

Is this all I need to be ready to proceed to mediation after this?

It is likely that you will have some “homework” to do following your session.

That may relate to getting legal, financial or other advice if you have not had specific advice on the possible range of options and costs if you were to go to court.

You may have to do some additional thinking on what would be the ideal outcome for you to resolve the dispute, what would be OK and what would be the minimum acceptable outcome.

Other Preparation

Some people would benefit from one of our courses or conflict coaching services.

  • Anger Management Course – If you are finding it difficult to manage your emotions at the moment you might find our Anger Management Program helpful. 
  • Pre-Mediation Coaching Session – Pre-mediation coaching is more in-depth and less neutral than pre-mediation preparation. Your mediator must remain impartial but a but a coach only works with one person from a dispute which means they can be a bit more of a guide and supporter.  A coach is able to provide a higher level of individual support when you are preparing for dispute resolution processes such as mediation or participating in a more formal process such as a court or tribunal. You can book in for one or more pre-mediation coaching sessions.  Pre-Mediation Coaching 


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