New Ways Post Separation Parenting Course


12 module online post-separation parenting course. Learn how to protect your child from the damage caused by exposure to conflict and learn how to co-parent with your type of co-parent, no matter how difficult they are.

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New Ways for Families Post Separation Parenting Course

New Ways for FamiliesThe New Ways for Families Parenting without Conflict course is a 12 Module Online Course for co-parents who are going through separation and divorce or finding it difficult to parent without conflict after parenting orders are in place. It takes about twelve hours to complete and provides a strong foundation for effective co-parenting.

This course is presented in a positive, “no blame, no shame” context and focuses on skills for successful future co-parenting, rather than focusing on bad past behavior.

BOTH parents should complete the course individually so that both parents are using the same skills for co-parenting. However, either parent can register for the course on their own at any time.

How Parenting without Conflict is Different Than Other Parent Education Courses

Course Modules

  1. Coping with Stress (Managed Emotions)
  2. Flexible Thinking
  3. Avoiding Over-Reacting (Moderate Behaviours)
  4. Influencing your type of co-parent
  5. Extreme Behaviours and the Effects on your Child’s Brain
  6. Raising Healthy Children
  7. Child Developmental Goals
  8. Parenting Schedules
  9. Using Professionals
  10. New Partners and New Families
  11. Handling Financial Issues as Co-Parents
  12. How to Avoid Becoming a “High-Conflict” Case

Who Can Refer Clients To This Course?

Judges, Lawyers, Mental Health Professionals, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners, Coaches, Family Consultants, Family Court Services, Parent Educators, Divorce Financial Consultants – any family law professional

If court-ordered, judges should order both parents to complete this course at the beginning of the case. That way, both parents learn the same skills necessary to manage their emotions and engage productively in the decision-making process before conflict and emotions escalate.

Can parents take this class voluntarily?

Any parent can take this course to improve their co-parenting relationship. You don’t need a court order or a referral from a professional.

The skills learned will help each parent:

(1)  work more productively with professionals during the decision-making process
(2) work more productively with your co-parent – especially if you think that they are high conflict
(3) support your children during this transition

If you have been ordered to undertake a post-separation parenting course please confirm with your court that an online course will be accepted by the judge.  Most do but some don’t.

Hardship and Professional Reviews

If you or your client is experiencing hardship please use the form below to request a Discount Coupon.

If you are a professional and want more information and a professional review of the course before referring to clients please also make your request using the form below.

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