New Ways Post Separation Parenting Coaching


A complete post separation parenting package including the New Ways for Families Course and  2 coaching sessions.

This package includes New Ways for Families online Course and a Coaching Session.

Who is it for?

This package is for parents who are having difficulties with co-parenting.

It includes:

If you want to work with a coach face to face visit our Find a Coach Page and contact them directly.

Overview of Post Separation Parenting Coaching Program


  • Confirmation of the coaching session
  • Clarification of role of coach: coach is to provide explanations, help you to practice skills and encourage you.
  • Clarification of your role: to ask questions, to bring your own agenda, to share reflections and application from the course and the exercises you do with your coach and to practice negotiation skills
  • The coach will ask about the background of any family law action currently underway and current shared care arrangements, but they will not be providing legal advice.
  • The coach will provide you with empathy, attention and respect. They won’t judge you and they will not be providing counselling.  This coaching is about developing your skills in dealing with your co-parent, even if they are a difficult co-parent!
  • The coach will check in with you regarding your progress in the New Ways for Families Course such as What did you learn from the first module? Do you want to share any reflections or life applications?
  • Practice the four big skills and other techniques in the New Ways for Families program.
  • Establishment of a SMART Goal for your relationship with your co-parent.

The purpose of the coaching is to help you apply what you are learning to your life and to give you the opportunity to safely practice skills and reflect on your successes and challenges in post-separation co-parenting.

You can book in for additional sessions with your coach if required.

Preferred Coach

Adrienne McNamara, Claudia Sader, Cynthia Brooking, David Chittenden, Hara Syros, Joanne Law, Katherine Nichols, Ken Speakman, Larissa Goldberg, Lee Lee, Marie Kelly, Renee Catt, Sharron Duncan, Susie Rayner, Yvonne Flanders


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