New Ways Coach Training

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New Ways Coach Training

This course is a self-paced online learning program for people who want to lean how to support others to develop the four big skills taught in the New Ways Course.

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New Ways Coach Training

The New Ways Coach Training is a course for family law professionals including a recording of a four-hour live video training facilitated by Bill Eddy, international expert on working with High Conflict people.

Bill Eddy and the team from the High Conflict Institute have designed thisĀ  course for professionals working with families going through separation and divorce such as Family Law Mediators (FDRPs), lawyers, counsellors, family violence support workers and others who interact with these types of clients.

Open Enrolment Online Course

The course is available for online self-study with ongoing support from the Interact Support / Mediation Institute Team.

The course includes bonus content for Mediators and FDR Practitioners with the New Ways for Mediation Presentation and training by Bill Eddy.

Course Content

  • Overview of High Conflict Patterns of Behaviour
  • Why New Ways?
  • The New Ways Skills
  • Practising the 4 New Ways Skills
  • How New Ways addresses High Conflict Issues
  • Assisting Clients with Decision Making
  • How to help clients avoid becoming a High Conflict Case
  • You will also be able to complete the full New Ways for Families Course (12 modules on the 4 big skills and co-parenting)

Who can enrol in this course?

This course is designed for Family Law Professionals such as Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners, Mediators, Psychologists, Counsellors, Lawyers, Mental Health Professionals, Professional Coaches working with families, Family Consultants, Parent Educators, Divorce Financial Consultants – any family law professional

The course is designed for people working with clients who have family law and family conflict issues who will be completing the New Ways for Families Online Course or those who want to offer individual or group face to face sessions.

The New Ways for Families Online Course is a low-cost 12 module online course designed to educate parents about the New Ways skills, how to teach the skills to their children and prevent the harm that exposure to parental conflict is proven to cause to children’s developing brains.

Find out more about the New Ways for Families Course or request an evaluation log in.

Does this count as CPD?

This course equates to ten hours of continuing professional development for mediators and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and you will receive a certificate of completion from Mediation Institute.

For other professionals please check with your professional body whether this meets requirements for professional development under your registration or accreditation system.

New Ways Coach Training Information.

New Ways Coach Training Information

What happens once I have completed the training?

There is a low cost licensing fee payable to the High Conflict Institute in San Diego to use the process if working independently. If working as a contract Coach for Interact Support you’ll be covered by their license.

Your contact details and services offered can become part of an online referral directory of New Way’s Coaches in Australia. This directory is located on the New Ways for Families Website.

Participation in the New Ways for Families course is routinely ordered by courts in the United States. Our goal is to ensure that lawyers, courts and mediation services in Australia recognise that learning the four big skills for improved relationships can help their clients to resolve their issues with lower conflict and without escalation into family violence.


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