Negotiation Coaching

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Negotiation Coaching is a service to help you to prepare for a negotiation or mediation.

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This service is designed to improve preparation for a negotiation.

How is the service delivered?

The service is a meeting which is held by a video meeting (preferably) or phone.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is apprehensive or unsure about preparing for a negotiation with someone else.

What happens?

The process is flexible and depends a little bit on your particular needs but in general, it follows a process of:

  1. Identifying the current situation – where are you now and what are the issues?
  2. Identifying what you want and need – knowing what you want is different from being guaranteed to get it but being clear on what you want to achieve, what is and isn’t acceptable and what you are prepared to give in return is really important to help you to prepare to be the best negotiator you can be.  Sometimes people attempt to negotiate without understanding their rights and obligations. Don’t be that person!
  3. Developing a plan – we’ll help you to consider your options. Are you both able to negotiate directly?  Do you need someone else to facilitate or mediate? What’s the difference between facilitation and mediation? Do you need a mediator or a family dispute resolution practitioner?  Is this something that needs a decision made for you instead of making a decision for yourselves? We work through these options and help you to develop a plan, contingencies and fall back position.


A one page plan to help you to move forward on resolving issues that you have with someone.



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