Interact Family Law Options Consultation

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An Interact Family Law Options Consultation is a professional discussion with a family law professional to help you to get customised legal information about the Family Law System  and help to develop a goal plan to achieve your family law goal.

The session runs for approximately one hour and is conducted by phone or video meeting.

Interact Family Law Options Consultation

An Interact Family Law Options Consultation is a meeting by video meeting or phone with an Interact Support trained family law specialist to help you to understand the Family Law System and how it applies to YOUR situation.

This consultation is not a legal advice session but it will help you to work out if your legal advice is good enough.  We will help you to prepare for legal advice.

The session will help you to become clearer about your options when: 

  • separating and moving from being in a marriage (marriage and de facto) to being single again
  • if you are experience family violence or are in an unhappy relationship and don’t know what to do
  • if a family violence order is making it hard to sort out financial, parenting or property issues
  • if you are having problems with co-parenting (even if you already have court orders)

An Interact FLO Consultation is especially helpful if you are being told different things by different people and don’t know where to turn for informed, unbiased information about the family law and family violence protection systems. We can provide you with someone to help work through your thoughts about what to do.

You will end the session with a plan for moving forward, less anxiety and connection to resources that will help you to manage what is going on in your life right now.

What happens in an Interact Family Law Options Consultation?

  • Your Interact Support Practitioner will guide you through a process that briefly explores the past and present to understand your family law situation.
  • Then they will help you clarify what you really want and will use their knowledge of the Family Law system to help you develop a realistic goal to help guide you.
  • They help you to put in place a realistic plan to reach your goals. They will not tell you what to do but they will help you to come up with a plan for getting unstuck and moving forward or getting clear and knowing what the reality is.

The three stages of the process are first to understand the past (what’s brought you here) then get a clearer view of what your current situation is, any urgent issues you have and what resources you already have in place. The final part of the session is to help you develop your plan for moving forward.

Understanding the past:Divorce Consulation Past

You will work with your consultant to identify what has brought you to where you are today. This is not about blaming you or anyone else. It is about understanding what your family is like (who are family members) and what the high level issues are such as problems with violence or abusive behaviour, problems with substance abuse, mental health or other physical problems, parenting problems, financial issues, the need for a property settlement and so on.

During the Interact Consultation process you will gather your Family Law vital statistics. This information is needed to make sure that the legal advice you get is accurate and helping you to make informed decisions. Family Law Vital Statistics include your relationship history, children, financial situation and if you are seeking a financial settlement contributions and future needs.


Getting a realistic view of the present

You will discuss with your consultant what is going on right now and help to demystify family law advice you have received to date.

This includes talking about safety, the legal advice you’re basing your decisions on and the other advice and suggestions you are following. The point of this stage is to help you to get really clear about your options, any information gaps or errors in the advice you’ve been given (based on whether you have been able to communicate your situation accurately to legal advisers) and where you are in the family law journey.


Planning your Future

The third and final stage of the session is about matching your goals for your family with your options in family law.  The practitioner will help you to sort out hopes and dreams from achievable outcomes. That doesn’t mean that your dreams for the future are not important. It just means that they need to be measured next to what is realistically achievable and what is going to be required of you to chase them.

They will talk to you about setting SMART goals for moving forward and help you to develop a goal plan to make those goals a reality. There are no guarantees in Family Law so if what you hope is heavily dependent on other people they may help you to develop one or more contingency plans.

The decisions made will help determine if you are left with a legal debt in the future and a bitter ex or have achieved an amicable enough separation and divorce that you can still get on for the sake of the children.  We understand family violence and will talk with you about your other parent in situations where there are children from your relationship. Sometimes they are difficult but not dangerous. Sometimes they are difficult and dangerous. The way you respond and the options you might consider vary depending on the risk assessment of your situation. You will never be encouraged to do something that you reasonably consider to be dangerous to you or your children.

If your goal is a finalised separation the focus will usually be on how to do that without making an enemy of your former partner.  Book in for an Interact Family Law Options Consultation and plan your post separation future so that you can move in the direction you want. Your situation is as unique as your family and by this stage in the session the practitioner will have a good understanding of the alternatives you have open to you.  They will help you to understand the pro’s and con’s of the various options and help you put together a plan and suitable contingencies if you need them.

You will leave with

  • It’s a lot to get through and take in so you will leave the session with a client file that you can refer to later and use when talking with lawyers and other advisers.
  • You will have developed one or more goal plans to move towards your goals for your family. Depending on how bad the conflict is and what has happened in the past the plan may take some time to implement. Our goal is to give you enough to get started without overwhelming you.

Not everything you try will work or work out perfectly the first time. But that’s life, isn’t it?

It’s all about the journey and that journey is much more pleasant when you are not lost and confused.

What happens if I click Add to Cart?

You will be able to purchase an Interact Family Law Options Consultation session with a debit or credit card payment.  If someone else will be paying for you request an invoice.

Please indicate if you have a preference for the time of your consultation e.g during the day or early evening.

We will then send you an email with the information you need to have ready for your session and advise a practitioner in your state who can accommodate your preferred meeting time.

They will contact you by the email address you provided to confirm the appointment.


Experiencing Hardship?

If you are not able to afford the $198 fee for this service please pay what you can. Interact Support is a social enterprise style not-for-profit. We get no government funding and rely on people who can do so paying for our services.  Even if you can’t pay the full amount a payment of something helps us as we help you.

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