Free Safety Planning Session

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This service is a free risk screening and safety planning session.

Go through the “sales process” using the shopping cart to provide your details and we will send you through a link to the risk screening tool to get you started.

Then one of our consultants in your state will contact you to arrange a video or phone safety planning session.

Face to face meetings are at the discretion of the Interact Support practitioner.

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What is Safety Planning?

The free Safety Planning Session is a process of thinking through the risks associated with family violence. In the session we will help you to put in place plans to keep yourself and/or your children safe should family conflict escalate into family violence.

Why is it free?

Our mission is to prevent family violence. Some of the Interact Support Practitioners volunteer their time to help people to undertake safety planning. If is free because volunteers run the sessions.

We also do Safety Planning as part of our paid services because safety is always something we discuss with our clients. If all you do with us is a Safety Planning Session there will be nothing to pay.

What if I can afford to pay?

Free Safety Planning Session are free. We are a not-for-profit without government funding so never knock back an offer to help our work. If you would like to make a donation any amount will help us to subsidise our services for low income earners.

$198 will provide for a free Separation and Divorce Consultation for someone who is lost in Divorce Land and needs help to develop a goal plan to get them through to the other side.

Is a free Safety Planning Sessions for you?

A Free Safety Planning Session is for you if you feel that your choices or options are limited by fear that a family member may hurt you or forcibly control you with threats of harm or financial control.

The family member that you are fearful of may be a current or former partner, a parent or parent in law, child or step-child, other relative or person who lives in your home or is threatening you.

Safety Planning can also be for you if you are a past user of violence and would like help with strategies to prevent any further incidents of conflict escalating into threats and violence.

The service is available for men and women. All of our practitioners have a current working with children card however we generally refer any children who contact us on to specialist services.

Is it confidential?

The process is confidential however you can authorise the practitioner to forward the risk screen used to an referred service so that you don’t have to continue to repeat the screening process. If you have already completed a DOORS risk screen you can authorise us to get the report from the other provider of family violence support services.

We may not keep information confidential if our practitioner feels that there is a high risk to you and/or a child in your care. The will talk through the strategies you can use to be safer during the session but if you are not willing or able to take appropriate protective actions the practitioner may make a report to child protection authorities or take other action under their duty of care to you and to others.


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