Family Dispute Resolution Information Booklet


The Interact Support Family Dispute Resolution Information Booklet describes the Family Dispute Resolution Process and some basic information you need when deciding to participate in Family Dispute Resolution.


The Family Dispute Resolution Information Booklet explains the Interact Support standard Family Dispute Resolution process for parenting and property mediation.

Contents of the Family Dispute Resolution Information Booklet

  • About Interact Support  Family Dispute Resolution Booklet
  • Client Information about FDR
  • What is Family Dispute Resolution?
  • Practitioner Qualifications
  • What types of issues can I bring to FDR?
  • Legal Advice
  • Confidentiality and Inadmissibility
  • Practitioner Independence
  • When is FDR appropriate?
  • Parenting Family Dispute Resolution
  • The Parenting FDR Process Structure
  • Section 60i Certificates
  • Property Family Dispute Resolution
  • Considerations in Property
  • The Property FDR Process Structure
  • What does an Enforceable Agreement mean?
  • Fee Structure
  • Our Services
  • Our Courses
  • How to Contact Interact Support



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Table of Contents