Press Release – 1st July 2020

No need to wait for quality, online dispute resolution services.

Melbourne, July 1, 2020 – COVID-19 and the government restrictions designed to limit it’s spread and fatalities has had unintended consequences disrupting the life of everyone in Australia. This disruption has had consequences that impact commercial / workplace / family and every other type of agreement that was in place before COVID-19 hit. There are government supported services to escalate issues to but what isn’t widely known is that there are less adversarial ways of resolving the mess and negotiating new agreements without any unnecessary risk of a costly, stressful conflict escalation.

Interact Online, is a new project from the not-for-profit Interact Support launched nationally today to provide a platform for high quality, reasonably priced dispute resolution services delivered fully online using a co-mediation model.

Anyone, anywhere with a dispute related issue can book in for a free dispute diagnostic to help them to understand their options and take the first step towards a resolution. The IO Team of accredited NMAS mediators and registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRPs) has set out to smash the hurdles that prevent early resolution of issues and disputes.

Joanne Law, co-founder of Interact Support Incorporated, which auspices the new Interact Online Dispute Diagnostic and Resolution Service observed that while Australians know what to look for when purchasing most services when it comes to civil dispute resolution services they remain quite naive and think that handing over their case to a lawyer will get them the best outcome.

“There is an inherent conflict of interest for clients when working with lawyers in dispute resolution. The more conflict the more money they make.”  Often people seeking a resolution to a dispute don’t realise this conflict of interest exists and don’t maintain  enough control over their dispute resolution. That doesn’t mean avoid lawyers it just means be aware of the challenges of giving up control over your process and outcomes when it comes to dispute resolution.

Joanne highlighted that many people have confusion and a hesitation around accessing Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) services which include mediation, family dispute resolution and other approaches where they retain their right to self-determine the outcome. “If you don’t have a strong case due to a failure on your part to comply with your contract it makes much more sense to use mediation to try and re-negotiate your arrangements than take a legal pathway that puts you at risk of an order against you.” said Joanne.

When it comes to family disputes COVID-19 has thrown previously working parenting arrangements into chaos and brought up a desire to spend time with children where there has been a long period of time since contact was made. “Family disputes can rapidly escalate into abuse and violence if not resolved. Early intervention with family dispute resolution services can really make a difference and help Australian children to have more stable and safe childhoods.” says Joanne Law.

Mediation and other less adversarial approaches to dispute resolution remain a mystery to many people so another key plank of Interact Online Dispute Diagnostic and Resolution Service is providing plenty of information and education so that clients overcome their inclination to try and hand off their issues to lawyers or courts to solve. It’s understandable that people are overwhelmed and don’t feel themselves to be capable of resolving their issues but, with the help of a mediator, more than 80% of issues are resolved without going to court.”

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