Prepare for FDR pre-mediation

Thank you for booking in for your pre-mediation session. It is the first step in the Family Dispute Resolution process. The session is held for three reasons.

  1. To make sure that you are OK and not currently at risk due to family violence, family financial situation or other factors. If during the discussion you raise issues we will attempt to connect you to appropriate support services.
  2. To explain Online Family Dispute Resolution to you. Even if you have participated in mediation in the past our approach may be slightly different. A decision about whether Family Dispute Resolution’s suitability will be made by the time we have met with you both.
  3. To talk about the issues you are experiencing in your family that you would like to resolve and to help you to prepare to negotiate with the other person.

We will send you reminder messages leading up to the scheduled pre-mediation session.

Additional Information Resources to help you to prepare

Self-paced online learning courses

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