Paul Kenna

Paul Kenna – Barrister and Solicitor

Paul Kenna provides Legal Advice and Strategy Sessions for Interact Support from his offices in Bentleigh East or via phone or web meeting.

He is an experienced family law solicitor and does much of his own representation work in the Family Courts and Magistrates Court.

Paul is kind, caring but no nonsense and will tell you the sometimes hard truths of your family law situation.

The Firm

Kenna Law is a sole practitioner firm run by Interact Support founder Paul Kenna.

Paul is a very experience family lawyer having assisted clients in the Federal Circuit Court, Family Court, Magistrates Courts in Melbourne, Regional Victoria and NSW.

He has extensive experience with Family Violence and Personal Safety legislation and provides representation to applicants and respondents in the Magistrates Court.

Kenna Law

Legal Advice and Strategy Sessions

Paul Kenna developed the Interact Support Legal Advice and Strategy session format in response to issues associated with people making irrevocable and high consequence decisions about family law and family violence laws based on poor quality legal advice.

The session is 90 minutes long and is designed to help participants understand their legal rights and obligations. Then the session moves on to a consideration of options and then finally a strategy to deal with your legal issue.

Sometimes the strategy is to attempt mediation, sometimes it is to go to court and sometimes it might be to sit back and wait for the other person to initiate legal action if they want to.  The advice is customised to your situation, budget and desired outcomes.

I found the session so helpful in deciding what to do. Thank you Mr Kenna.

Thank you for your help, advice support and caring as I went through my family law battles. I will never forget your help.

Call him on 03 9020 4120 or click on the website link to visit his website.

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