Re-negotiating Parenting Agreements during the Pandemic

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Shared care and post-separation parenting has been impacted by the COVID-19 lockdown. With everything that has been going on making the effort to support children’s relationship with parents they are not living with is well worth it for them.

That said, relationship and co-parenting difficulties continue. The stress of job losses, financial worries, staying at home and all the rest of the issues are likely to be making problems in co-parenting relationships worse.

There are many ways that Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners can help you with mediation and negotiation support.

What’s Mediation?

Mediation, or Family Dispute Resolution when conducted by a family law mediator accredited with the Australian Attorney Generals Department, involves meetings with you and your partner (or former partner) and a trained, impartial mediator, who will help you work through the issues. During the pandemic these meetings are conducted by Video Meetings or phone if you are not able to access video meetings.

The mediator will help you with legal and other information to help you to make informed decisions but they will not provide you with legal advice or tell you what to do.

It is a confidential process so there really is nothing to lose. They will speak with each of you privately first to make sure that mediation is safe and during the mediation they will work to maintain the balance between you and the other person so that no one dominates.

Interact Support has a panel of accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners who can assist you with negotiating to try to find a resolution to any disputes you have about parenting or property settlements and finance.

Our mediators offer remote mediation via Zoom Video Meetings to enable you to take part in mediation during lockdown. This is actually our standard approach at Interact Support as we don’t have the funding to afford offices and other overhead expenses.

What are the benefits of remote mediation?

  • It is usually less expensive than negotiating an agreement through a face to face mediation and much less expensive than working with a lawyer to reach an agreement.
  • You can participate from the comfort of your home.
  • If you and your partner are still living together you can have screens in separate rooms.
  • You can have it at time that is convenient for you. For example, after the children have gone to bed.

The aim of mediation is help you find a solution together without the need for court or extensive and expensive negotiation processes using lawyers.

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