New Ways Coaches now available

Interact Support is pleased to announce the launch of the New Ways for Families Coaching services delivered by Certified New Ways Coaches.

Who is the New Ways Coaching for?

New Ways Coaching is for parents after separation.

It may be helpful for you If you are:

  • having trouble with your co-parenting relationship,
  • having trouble reaching an agreement with a co-parent your children and want to be better prepared for Mediation
  • are in Family Court over parenting matters
  • are experiencing conflict with a new partner over step-parenting and co-parenting issues

How does it work?

New Ways Coaches are professionals who have done additional training through Interact Support to become a Certified New Ways Coach to support parents completing the New Ways for Families Online Course.

The coaches have a number of individual and group coaching programs available.

Get started with the New Ways for Families Course and then find a coach to make sure you finish strong.

New Ways for Families

New Ways Coaches are now available.

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