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Legal Advice and Strategy

Provide clients with a reality check into the best, worst and most likely outcomes if they end up in court. Explain how your fees are calculated and the likely time and cost to go to court. Answer their specific questions about their case.

All fees paid to you

The fixed fee of $275 is paid to you. Interact does not do the invoicing or keep any form of commission or kick back from the referral. The panel is designed to provide our clients with good quality legal advice and introduce you to potential clients if they have a need for other services.

Other work at your standard rates

New wills, property conveyancing, consent orders and other legal work is likely to result even if we are able to assist clients to resolve their issues out of court. Some clients may already be in court and are seeking a second opinion or unbundled legal services.

Legal representation

The clients we refer will range from those who are considering separation, those who need advice before or after a successful mediation as well as those who are caught up in a high conflict separation and divorce.

The last group of clients are likely to need some form of legal representation. Some may not be able to afford full service legal fees while others may be in a position to engage you for your normal level of legal representation in the family violence or family court in your jurisdiction.

What is a legal advice and strategy session?

What is the objective of a Legal Advice and Strategy Session?

It is a 60 to 90 minute legal advice session with clients where you provide SPECIFIC legal advice based on their individual situation.

Clients should be referred to you with a completed Interact Client File provide clients with clear legal advice that is specific to their situation. 

Clients will be informed of the need to bring court orders, BFA’s, Parenting Plans, Family Violence Restraining Orders or offers from the other party. 

The focus of your legal advice will depend on their situation. 

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