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Interact Support is a not-for-profit dedicated to preventing, reducing and resolving family conflict. One area of major focus is on helping family members to resolve interpersonal conflict and legal disputes as this helps to reduce the risk of conflict escalating into violence.

What is the objective of a Legal Advice and Strategy Session?

Legal Advice: you would provide clients with clear legal advice that is specific to their situation.  Clients will be informed of the need to bring court orders, BFA’s, Parenting Agreements or Plans, family violence restraining orders or offers from the other party. They may also have a Interact Support Client File and other documents that summarise their situation. The focus of your legal advice will depend on their situation and may include helping the client with legal options if they are facing family violence, help to develop a family law plan, a proposal to put to the other party, to understand the zone of possible agreement (ZOPA) if they will be proceeding to mediation or to review the mediated agreement if they have already concluded mediation.

Legal Costs: clients will also be interested in understanding the likely cost and duration of taking action through the court so that they can consider those factors in their decision making. We encourage clients to ask lawyers what other recent clients in similar circumstances have paid and how long their resolutions are taking to have a realistic understanding of likely costs if they are unsuccessful in reaching a negotiated agreement.

Interact Support has a panel of community minded lawyers and law firms who are willing to provide high quality, fixed fee legal advice services for Interact Support clients.

Gaining good quality legal advice is of vital importance for Family Law clients attempting to resolve their family disputes through Family Dispute Resolution.

Without knowing the best and worst of what is likely to happen if they went to court they can’t realistically evaluate whether or not to accept an offer made by their ex partner or develop their own proposals.

Our goal at interact is to increase the collaboration between ethical family lawyers and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners for the greater good of helping family members to reduce family conflict and avoid family violence.

What services would I be providing if I am accepted to the panel?

The major service that you would be providing under the panel arrangement is a fixed fee legal advice and strategy session.

Clients can expect up to 90-minutes of your time in the session for a discounted $275 inc. GST.

We understand and appreciate your contribution by agreeing to provide this service for this fee.

Client Preparation

Family Law clients referred to you by Interact Support should come well prepared for legal advice with an Interact Support Client File and a completed Family DOORS risk screen.

Some will already have had an Interact Consultation and will probably have specific questions about their family law matter that they will want to discuss with you.

Purpose of the session

The purpose of the Legal Advice and Strategy session is to provide the client with the information they need to make an informed decision about their strategy to resolve their family law issues.

The sessions have been piloted by Paul Kenna and Andre Bevz when he was working with Kenna Law Barristers and Solicitors in Melbourne. It has proved to be one of Interact Support’s most popular services.

Through experimentation we have found that a 90-minute session is the optimal length and the fixed fee of $275 for the session including GST is affordable for most clients.

If you accept referrals from Interact Support the clients would be referred to you specifically and your firm would be responsible for invoicing and taking payment of $275 for the service.

Interact does not collect or accept any referral fee or booking fee for referring clients to Legal Advice and Strategy Sessions.

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