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Legal Advice

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Low Cost Legal Advice and Strategy Sessions

Interact Support is building a referral list of specialist Family Lawyers who will offer a discounted legal advice session for our clients. The sessions go for about 90 minutes and cost only $275 including GST.

Getting good quality legal advice depends on two things. One relates to you and the other to the lawyer you speak to.

Proper Preparation for Legal Advice

Getting good quality legal advice depends on providing the lawyer with good quality information about your situation. If you are vague, leave out information that you feel makes you look bad or are unable to remember important information your lawyer will not be able to give you very good advice.

One of our Separation or Divorce Consultations before getting legal advice can help you to be properly prepared.

Experienced Family Lawyer

It is very important that you get advice from an experienced and qualified family lawyer who practices in your state and understands the current situation in your court.

Community Legal Services¬†are designed to help make legal services available for people who can’t afford legal advice but the problem can be that the lawyer you speak to may not have much or even any family law experience. If you do use one of these services make sure you ask the lawyer what their experience with family law is before taking their advice.

Free 30 minute legal advice sessions are generally worth what you pay for them. They are used by law firms as a way of marketing their business and are more about getting you as a customer (if you have enough money to be of interest) than about giving you good quality legal advice. Sometimes these lawyers will tell you what you want to hear and then lower your expectations as you start running out of money in your family law matter.

Legal Advice and Strategy Sessions

These sessions are with an experienced family lawyer and are for the purpose of giving you good quality legal advice. If you follow our guidance about taking along all the information that the lawyer will need to understand your situation they will be able to provide you good quality legal advice and help you to develop your legal strategy.

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Good information = Good Advice

You will not get good quality legal advice if you turn up to a lawyers with empty hands. They need information from you to provide you with accurate advice.

Law is less precise than you think

The outcome you get in Family Law depends on a lot of variables and no lawyer can tell you exactly what will happen if you were to go to court. They can tell you the likely range of outcomes based on their experience of similar cases.

You can also use the Legal Advice and Strategy Session as a “second opinion” if you are uneasy about your current lawyers advice or strategy.

How long is a piece of string

How long is a piece of string?

The other information you need from the lawyer when getting legal advice is how long will it take and how much will it cost if you were to go to court. They won’t be able to tell you an exact amount but they should be able to give you answers to questions such as How long have your recent cases taken to resolve? How much is the most and least that other clients have paid? What do you think my case will cost?

Why have a Legal Advice and Strategy Session?

The benefits of Legal Advice and Strategy Session

When you are separating or getting divorced it is really important that you get good quality legal advice.

Even if you are determined not to go to court an understanding of your legal rights, obligations and the likely outcome if you did go to court is very important.

In the session you will get an understanding of your WATNA, BATNA and MLATNA. Weird acronyms we know but they provide a framework of understanding of your situation within which you can negotiate.

Read More about Negotiation Boundaries

What happens in a Legal Advice and Strategy Session?

During the Legal Advice and Strategy Session the lawyer will gain an understanding of your current situation and give you advice based on their professional opinion.

Unlike a Separation or Divorce Consultation which is bigger picture their focus is on what the law says about your situation, the likely outcomes if you were to go to court and what it will cost you if you went to court.

They can’t give you exact information about any of that because it really does depend on too many factors.

What they can do is give you information about what has happened in similar cases, how costs are worked out (hourly or fixed fee stages) and answer any specific questions you have.

If you are not crystal clear about your Legal position book in for a Legal Advice and Strategy Sessions book in for a Separation or Divorce Consultation

Don’t suffer with overwhelm and make mistakes through ignorance or misinformation. Let us help you work out your next steps.

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