Kate Chong

Kate Chong – Barrister and Solicitor

Kate Chong provides Legal Advice and Strategy Sessions for Interact Support from her office in Melbourne CBD.
Kate has built her wealth of experience in wide areas of litigious and non litigious legal matters, from personal to business legal matters. Kate draws on the practice footing of her experience in Construction, Commercial, Property, Family and Criminal.

Kate’s determination and her absolute commitment to her clients whether she is representing them at the Court, handling a tough negotiation or developing an agreement are greatly valued by her clients.

Through her past experience, Kate has nurtured her passion in litigation and advocacy. She frequently appears as a solicitor-advocate in Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Magistrates’ Court, County Court, Federal Circuit Court, Family Court of Australia and Supreme Court. With her litigation background, Kate lives out a constructive approach and strategically tailor to each client’s circumstances with their best interest at hand to reach the best possible outcome as well as to avoid litigation on the first place.


For clients who do not have English as their native language, Kate is able to converse in Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Malay and Indonesian.

The Firm

Unite Legal is a boutique Law firm located in Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria.

Website www.unitelegal.com.au

They also have a by appointment office in Footscray at Level 1, 62 – 64 Leeds Street, Footscray Victoria 3011.

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Legal Advice and Strategy Sessions

Kate Chong provides Legal Advice and Strategy Sessions for Interact Support clients.

The session is 90 minutes long and is designed to help participants understand their legal rights and obligations. Then the session moves on to a consideration of options and then finally a strategy to deal with your legal issue.

Sometimes the strategy is to attempt Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) mediation, sometimes it is to go to court and sometimes it might be to sit back and wait for the other person to initiate legal action if they want to.  The advice is customised to your situation, budget and desired outcomes.

Please contact Interact Support to complete an Interact Support Client File and Family Doors Risk Screen document before contacting one of the law firms we refer to. This ensures that you have all the information they need to understand your situation available to make the maximum use of the session.

I am grateful to Kate. My case is divorce and family matters which has been dragged on for 2 years until I found her.  She has helped me in resolving my family matters immediately without any delay.

Tina H

 Special thanks to Thomas Mathew, Kate Chong & team. Helpful, Honest & Reliable group of professionals @ Unite Legal. One spot easy to understand legal advise & services. Highly recommend.

Neel Hari, Facebook Review.

A real professional organisation with a genuine desire to seek the best outcomes for people. Always deliver great results! – Alyson H

Professional, efficient, accountable! Thank you Kate!!! – Jaffie Y

Call her on (03) 9988 2188  or click on the website link to visit her website. www.unitelegal.com.au

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