Are you NMAS Mediator or FDRP?

Are you looking for contract work or volunteer experience?

Interact Online is an online dispute diagnostic and co-mediation dispute resolution service.

Our mission is to prevent violence by providing dispute resolution services, coaching and education about interpersonal skills and dispute resolution.

We use social enterprise principals to ensure that no one is turned away due to their financial situation.

Contract Work

Our Interact Online team are all contractors working on a flexible basis with Interact Support. Minimum qualifications are as a NMAS mediator.


The co-mediation model supports newly qualified professionals, ensures smooth onboarding and provides great services to clients.

Online Services

The services provided are 100% online. If clients want face to face dispute resolution services they can work with you directly rather than through Interact Online.

How do I apply and work with Interact Online?

As an Interact Online Contractor you are paid based on the work you do with clients.  We use a sliding scale for clients based on their ability to pay with discounts provided through coupons for those who are experiencing hardship or on a fixed low income.
Volunteers work for experience and experienced practitioners are paid according to a fee schedule. 

If you are not willing to co-mediate you are not eligible to be an Interact Online Contractor.  Co-mediaiton is a way to ensure the quality of services, protects clients from drop out’s of a mediator and provides the opportunity for mediators to be supported by debriefing opportunities. 

Is there a joining or referral fee?

There is no joining or referral fee to pay. You do have to provide your own tools.

These include a paid version of the following software:

  • zoom for video meetings

Interact Support provides the following software:

  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Calendly for client appointment bookings 
  • MODRON Case Management Software
  • Canvas Learning Management System for your induction and ongoing training
  • FamilyProperty for family property mediation

What if I am not very experienced?

That’s OK. We all started somewhere. 

You must be qualified to work with Interact Online unless you are on an internship program. 

If you have not facilitataed at least 25 hours of mediation in the past 12 months you will be a volunteer and co-mediate with a more experienced mediator until you reach the minimum experience level.  

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