Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Coach

Joanne Law

Her vision

Preventing Family Violence

Joanne Law  is on a mission to prevent family violence and help families transition difficult times without turning on each other.

She trained as a Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner in the early 2010’s to compliment her other skills as an educator and coach.

Since dedicating herself to this mission she has established Mediation Institute to train and support dispute resolution professionals and Interact Support to provide a way to reach out to those most in need of help.

She also offers her services directly to clients as a FDR Practitioner (Family Law Mediator) and coach.

Respect doesn't have to be lost during relationship Changes

Overview And Experience

Joanne Law


  • Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution (Grad. Dip. FDR)
  • Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (Attorney Generals Department)
  • Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS)
  • Diploma of Competitive Systems and Processes
  • Master Practitioner and Trainer Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Certified Life and Business Coach
  • Certified and Licensed New Ways for Families Coach
  • Current Certificate IV in Training and Education (TAE)
  • Ongoing professional development in dispute resolution, family violence, family law,  interpersonal skills and other relevant topics.
  • I help people going through separation and divorce to solve problems and work out new ways to interact.

    My focus is on helping people like you, to sort out the things that need to be sorted out after separation.

    Sometimes there is a history of family violence during the relationship and sometimes it was something that has occurred only towards the end.  In some cases my clients have managed to continue to be respectful towards each other despite deciding that they no longer want to be a couple.

    Whatever your story is I have a deep understanding of the family law system, the challenges you face and the risks associated with bad decisions based on your current feelings. While I have compassion for the emotional pain and frustration that is usually experienced at the end of a relationship allowing it to guide your decisions is a  really bad idea!

    It isn’t easy but as tempting and justified as it may feel right now, turning life into a series of battles doesn’t help.

    You can do the work needed to resolve your issues respectfully leaving both of you with a share of the families resources that you each need to rebuild. I will also remind you of the importance of protecting the children as much as possible.

    Phone Number:

    0401 293 500


    Cranborne East, Melbourne

    Service Delivery Area:

    Family Dispute Resolution Services - Victoria via Video Mediation.

    Limited face to face services are available by appointment in Eastern Melbourne

    Coaching services available world wide!

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    Resolving Family Conflict

    Practice Areas

    Joanne Law provides services in the following practice areas.

    Family Dispute Resolution
    Transformative Relationship Mediation
    New Ways for Families Coaching
    Life and Relationship Coaching
    Collaborative Family Law - non-lawyer communication coach

    In most cases when a married couple or de facto’s separate there will be the need for a financial settlement. This settlement  can be based on an agreement reached between you through direct negotiation, with the assistance of a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and with the assistance of lawyers.

    Making use of less formal and more empowering processes such as family  dispute resolution keeps costs down and helps you to reach an agreement that is tailored for your family situation.

    In the case of parenting this is an ongoing series of negotiation whether you are  separated or not!

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