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Interact Support provides Online Mediation services in Australia.

We help people like you to sort out disputes without delay. Are you stuck in conflict with someone? We might be able to help. Click on our chat bot on the bottom right of the page to get in touch.

Looking for Online Mediation?

Flexible Online Mediation Services

Online Mediation removes a lot of the barriers to fast and effective dispute resolution.  Your mediators will use technology to manage communication and document sharing.  This cuts down on costs and overheads and allows us to provide a very supportive co-mediation model.   

The first step in a mediation process with Interact Online is always individual meetings to make sure that mediation is an appropriate service for you and to help you to prepare. 

Family Dispute Resolution

Safe Online Family Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Resolution services are for you if you are separating or divorcing or are sharing care of children following separation.  You can get help to work out a parenting agreement, review your parenting arrangements or assistance to negotiate your property settlement agreement. 

The first step in Family Dispute Resolution mediation with Interact Online is always individual meetings to make sure that FDR is appropriate for you and to help you to prepare.  Your FDR Practitioner can issue a s60i Certificate if the process is not able to help you to resolve all of your disputes. 

Innovative Mediator Facilitated Negotiation

At a fraction of the cost of lawyer negotiation due to the more efficient and effective process, this is for people who can’t mediate directly due to the level of conflict, past family violence or logistical issues. 

Mediator Facilitated Negotiation is a process where you don’t have to meet or speak directly or sit waiting like in shuttle mediation. 

The process is still a confidential process where you completely control what information is shared but it has the ability to cut through misunderstandings and more quickly identify and resolve the issues central to your dispute.  

Mediator Facilitated Negotiation

Interact Support Online Mediation

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Contact Us

If you have questions or can't find the services you want contact us. We may be able to book you in for a free dispute diagnostic or refer you to another service that meets your needs better.

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Don't have reliable internet?

If you are unable to reliably access the internet we will discuss options with you. Phone mediation services are available or we may refer you to a local mediator if there is one available. Mediator Facilitated Negotiation is a service that may be appropriate in these circumstances.

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Payment Options

The service is means tested. Our fees reduce by 50% if your household income is less than $50,000 and by 65% if you are on government benefits. If you don't have any government or other financial support we will provide services for a single commitment payment. We won't turn you away because of your financial situation.

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It's Fast and Flexible

We use technology because it allows us to be more accessible, flexible and responsive. Your mediator can work with you by phone but it is much better if you can access a computer so we can share documents, diagrams and other information as well as see each other in video meetings.

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Coaching is available

Coaching can be offered as a one off session to help you to prepare for mediation or as a guide on the side. It's up to you, your budget and the level of support you want.

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Downs and ups

If you have an interpersonal or legal issue it's an emotional roller coaster. You may be finding it difficult to cope with the range of emotions you are experiencing. We have self-paced online courses that may be helpful to complete at this time. Discounts apply for Mediation clients so talk to your mediator about a coupon code if you do not already have one.


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