Family Law Options Consultation

Help to understand your Court Orders

If you don't understand what your family violence or family court orders mean. We can help.

Pay what you can afford

If all you can afford is $10 that's what you pay. Recommended fee is $198. If you want to pay more we'll be grateful for the contribution.

Help to understand your Family Law Options

If you are confused or stuck we can help you to develop your family law goal and goal plan to get things sorted - one way or another.

We Understand

We know your concerns are for your family and how you are going to re-organise after separation not what a lawyer thinks you should want.

Hardship Rates Available

We think that this service is so important that we don’t want anyone to miss out. We offer name your price fees for Interact Consultations.  The service is usually provided by an experienced practitioner with an intern assisting to ensure that we not only help you to understand the family law system and how it applies to you. We also help the next generation of practitioners to understand that every family is unique.

Name Your Price

Interact Consultations are a "Name your Price" service

Frequently asked questions

We keep our costs low by not having overhead costs like offices where we meet clients.

Our services are provided by video meeting or phone. That means we can usually provide services to you quickly and at a low cost. 

You can book in for the session from your support workers office or with family members there to support you.

No. If you know that the service you need is Family Dispute Resolution book straight in for that. No need to have an Interact Family Law Options Consultation first. 

Find out more about Family Dispute Resolution with Interact Support.

The process is very simple.

Before the session: We ask for a copy of any current Court Orders and an Interact Client File to be filled out.

If completing documents is hard because you don’t have access to a computer one of our interns can help you.

You can usually take a photo and text copies of your orders if you don’t have an electronic copy.

During the session.

  • Step One: We will talk about what has led up to now including any court orders to get on the same page regarding the situation you are in. 
  • Step Two: They we will ask you what are the issues that you need to get resolved right now.  It is useful to prioritise so that your action plan has the things that are most urgent addressed first. 
  • Step Three: We will ask you a little bit more about your family, the children and any extended family members or others that are actively involved in your family.  Families are more complex than just mum, dad and the kids. 
  • Step Four: Now we ask you what you actually want longer term and help you to turn your wishes into a realistic goal.
  • Step Five: One you are clear on what you want and have identified the important issues that are standing in your way we help you to develop your goal plan.  That may include services that Interact provides such as safety planning or Family Dispute Resolution or it might be services you are already working with or new services we can introduce you to.  

We provide you with a summary which is a one-page overview of your current situation and goal and an action plan page.  

We also update your Client File which you can use with other services.

Our clients say

"Thank you! I was so overwhelmed that I couldn't move. The consultation made me realize that it isn't impossible and gave me a list of things that I can do to move things along."
Interact FLO Consultation Client
"So helpful to talk through what is going on. You really eased my fears and showed me options I didn't know I had. I'm so used to taking what I get that making a goal was really hard. "
Interact FLO Consultation Client

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If you are not sure about what to do about Family Law issues don’t delay any further. 

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