Tiny home in my backyard

A program to make use of surplus land to create safe infill housing for people needing a safe home away from family violence.

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The Challenge

One of the most at risk groups of people facing homelessness are our older population, particularly women over 50.

Family breakups, unemployment and under employment have left many empty nesters without a nest.

Media focus is often given to the plight of first home buyers who can never seem to get their first deposit for a home together. Shouldn’t we also be considering the needs of our “last home buyers” who are ignored by the banks and considered a risk by the real estate industry and landlords.

Older women in particular who are on their own following marriage breakdown often struggle to gain decent rental accommodation.

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A Solution

A solution exists but it is constantly threatened by NIMBY property owners.

Many many people have a drive way or back yard in our middle to inner suburbs that would support placing a Tiny Home on a long term temporary basis.

We would like to support the development of a housing program not unlike the old granny flat program but with greater flexibility and lower cost. A solution that provides mutual support from the property owner to the homeless person while encouraging independent living.

We help to paint a new picture

There are similarities but the stories of what has brought older women to situations where they are couch surfing or in and out of temporary, unsecure and at times unsafe accommodation. Our goal is to help our clients to paint a new picture where they can re-establish themselves in a secure little space in order to heal and get ready for the next stage.

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TIMBy - Tiny house in my backyard

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Contact Us

Do you have space to fit a tiny house? Contact us for more information about how the program may work for you.

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Evaluate the situation

We partner with other agencies and services to evaluate the situation and ensure that it is appropriate to proceed.

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Rental Arrangement

The arrangement is clearly established in a contract between the land owner where the house sits, the house owner who may be the resident or may be someone else and the resident.

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Preparation meetings

There are a things to get sorted. Permissions in place, arranging the residence, matching up the tenant and ensuring it all runs smoothly

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As in everything communication is the ingredient that makes things work.

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When things change

The goal is to provide intermediate term accommodation for months or years if everything is working well. When things change we can work with you to make the changes needed.

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Lower Costs Achieved through Innovation


Steel Frames

Utilising modern light weight materials including steel framing with
energy saving insulation. This design from ana-white.com
was originally built in timber modified to meet Australia’s restricted
towing weights and building regulations.

Relocatable but not built on a trailer

A tiny house trailer needs to be built tough to carry a 3500kg load –
these cost over $10,000 but are only needed when installing or removing
the tiny house. This also frees up design as no wheel wells intrude
into the layout



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