Tiny Home Support

The Challenge

One of the most at risk groups of people faceing homelessness are our older population, particularly women over 50.  Family breakups, unemployment and under employment have left many empty nesters without a nest.  While media focus is given to the plight of first home buyers who can never seem to get their first deposit shouldnt we be considering the needs of our “last home buyers” who are ignored by the banks and considered a risk by the real estate industry and landlords and struggle to gain any decent rental accomodation.

A Solution

A solution exists but it is constantly threatened by NIMBY property owners.  Many many people have a drive way or back yard in our middle to inner suburbs that would support placing a Tiny Home on a long term temporary basis.  We are looking at developing a housing program not unlike the old housing commission granny flat program but with greater flexibility and lower cost and with support from the property owner to the homeless person while encouraging independent living.

Social Enterprise Supporting the Homeless

Sponsoring Construction

"Matchmaking" Tiny Home Landlord and Tenant

Dealing with Government and Council

Supporting the Tiny Home Community

Lower Construction Cost Achieved by

Steel Frame

Utilising modern light weight materials including steel framing with energy saving insulation – Example is a design from ana-white.com which was originally built in timber modified to meet Australia’s restricted towing weights and building regulations.

Relocatable but not built on a trailer

A tiny house trailer needs to be built tough to carry a 3500kg load – these cost over $10,000 but are only needed when installing or removing the tiny house.  This also frees up design as no wheel wells intrude into the layout

Personalised design and features

Living small does not mean that you have to live in a featureless box and our production process allows us to work with the tiny home tenant to personalise their new home.

To give you an idea about some of the design ideas that are inspiring this project check out these videos

View some of the design ideas that are influencing our program