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Family Law Options Consultations

In these consultations we help you to develop a plan to resolve separation or co-parenting problems. 

Help to prepare for or to make sense of your legal advice. 

Coaching to help you to develop your family law goal plan from qualified family law professionals, not well meaning but uninformed advice from friends, families or professionals who are not qualified. 

Interact Support
Pre-Mediation Coaching

Pre-Mediation Coaching

Individual and group coaching options to help you to deal with the stress of separation and prepare for mediation. 

Pre-mediation coaching makes use of the New Ways for Families methodology which delivers 5 big skills to help reduce conflict. 

Family Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Resolution is a form of Family Law Mediation facilitated by an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. 

Interact Support provides family dispute resolution services for high conflict situations as well as standard parenting or property settlements. 


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Consent Orders

If you can reach an acceptable agreement we can help you to apply for consent orders. 

Consent Orders are orders of the Family Court based on the agreement reached by the family. 

At Interact we use a collaborative approach that allows you to tell the court how you want to divide your assets without giving away a large amount to an unnecessary, adversarial legal processes.  

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