Hardship is ...

a situation when you are unable to pay your bills or meet your financial obligations. When you are experiencing hardship your financial reserves will be very low. You may find yourself making difficult decisions about what you can and can't do. You may be making choices not to purchase basic necessities or accessing services such as ours because you don't have the money to pay.

Are you experiencing hardship right now?

In Australia the 2020 Pandemic and the associated government restrictions to control it has negatively affected many people.  

Perhaps you’ve not paid all of your rent and your landlord is threatening. 

Perhaps you have a tenant who isn’t paying their rent and your bank is threatening. 

Perhaps you’ve not met your obligations in your contracts due to circumstances outside your control.

Perhaps it is a problem with a neighbour, family member, work colleague or  co-parent.

Whatever it is in dispute or who it is with. If you have a dispute you need to sort it out. 

But at a time when now more than ever you may need the services of a skilled professional mediator your ability to pay for our professional services may be at an all time low.  

If it is a temporary situation we are more than happy to put in place a payment plan or deferral of fees until your situation improves, your settlement is finalised, or whatever other change gets you back to normal and a capacity to pay us for our hard work! 

What about if it is always hard?


If you are permanently on a low income of $50,000 or less before tax you are eligible for a 50% fee reduction. Our fees are paid on a per person basis. 

Just let your NMAS Mediator or FDR practitioner know your income and that you would like to apply for a hardship discount. 

How can you offer that? How do you make a profit?


Interact Support is a not for profit. We do not have to make a profit! 

We don’t have any government or other support at the moment and we do have to cover our overheads and pay our mediators. 

We do not offer a free service.  If you can afford to pay for our high quality online co-mediation service, please do! 

If you can’t afford to pay now but will be able to in the future, we can issue an invoice with a pay when you can agreement.   

Any surplus funds go into our Hardship Fund and are used to pay our practitioners while waiting for clients to pay or when we offer to reduce fees. 

Some of our courses and services

Frequently Asked Questions


You can book in for a dispute diagnostic for free.  A dispute diagnostic is a chance to talk to a qualified NMAS Accredited Mediator or a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (Family Law Mediator) about your situation, what you have tried and what you want to achieve. 

They will let you know if mediation is an option. If there are other resources or options that may be appropriate if not and generally help you to make a bit more sense of your situation and develop a plan for moving forward. 

Find out more about Dispute Diagnostics

No. We won’t charge you interest and if things don’t work out for you we will write off the debt.

We rely on your integrity and the quality of our services to ensure that you pay us for the work we have done if and when you can. 

You can use the chat button at the bottom right of the page to contact one of our team if you have other questions. 

What is the policy?

Our policy is simple. 

If you are on a lower income pay half price. 

If you are really struggling pay something now to show that you are serious.  Even if it is only a small amount. Then pay when you can later.

Our mission is to prevent abuse, family violence and harmful conflict. We also want to help prevent your mental health deteriorating. Anxiety and depression are common when a problem remains unresolved for too long. Don't lose sleep! Get in touch to see if we can help.

If you need help with resolving a dispute, we are here for you.
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