Interact Family Law Hardship

Are you experiencing hardship?

Hardship applications are available.

What services are available under the hardship policy?

A number of Services are available

We can not guarantee that referral service providers will offer you hardship services but we can for the following “in house” and partnership services.

What is the policy?

Our policy is simple. Pay what you can now. Pay when you can later.

We do not have government funding for any of our services but that doesn’t stop us. We do what we do because we know that many Australians who are in need of help are being put on long waiting lists or event being turned away from government funded services due to family violence.

We see ourselves as the “gap fillers” for those left without professional support to negotiate a resolution to the important and urgent issues in their families.

We hope that you will be in a position to pay the fees for the services provides some time in the future. If you can’t we won’t be chasing you with debt collectors!

Our mission is to prevent family violence and harmful conflict. We want to end the cycle and stop the harm being done to children who's parents are in conflict and unable to parent properly due to their war with their former partner.

If you need help with family issues, we are here for you.
Joanne Law
Joanne Law
Author: Joanne Law

Joanne Law is a registered family dispute resolution practitioner, transformative relationship mediator, New Ways and Post Separation Coach.