Help those less fortunate than you. Contribute to our Fundraising for the Hardship Pool

Interact Support is a social enterprise style not-for-profit and we need your help to raise funds to help fill our hardship pool.

What is our Hardship Pool?

Interact Support works to prevent family violence by helping people to learn how to resolve family conflict and by providing services to help them to do this.

We are a not-for-profit organisation which means that any surplus funds raised from payment for services or other means do not go to the founders of the organisation. In the case of Interact Support any surplus goes into the Hardship Pool.

The hardship pool supports people who absolutely do not have the funds to contribute towards the payment for our services.

It can also help us to provide services to communities such as indigenous communities and new migrants to Australia who may have a high level need but not the funds to access the services they need.

Many not-for-profits depend on government funding or donations although some provide services such as running charity shops or other money making ventures.  Interact Support has no government funding.

We get our revenue from payment for the services we provide and fundraising.

Charities and not-for-profits like Interact Support Inc. are registered with the Australian Charities and not-for-profits Commission.

In the 2016 Annual Report from the commission 43% of the in the sector money came from government grants, 7% from donations and bequests and other 50% came from other revenue such as sales, member fees and user pays services.

Interact Support is a Social Enterprise style not-for-profit.

That means that we charge fees for services but any profits go back into running the not-for-profit and into the hardship pool.

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Fundraising Opportunities

Buy the Entertainment Book

The Entertainment Book is a way to help us while also saving money yourself on a wide variety of restaurants, entertainment and other services.

Interact Support gets a % of the sale price for every Entertainment Book and/or App subscription that is purchased through our fundraising link.

You could buy a book for yourself, buy one for a friend or family member or even buy one for one of our clients who are rebuilding their life after a separation and could really benefit from discounted opportunities to go out and enjoy themselves at a restaurant or cafe near them. 


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