Safety Planning is a process of thinking through the risks associated with a current or former partner and putting in place plans to keep yourself and/or your children safe should family conflict escalate into family violence.

Interact Support has available a number of practitioners who volunteer their time to undertake safety planning sessions.

What is Safety Planning?

Safety Planning is a way to take back control if you live in a situation where your safety is potentially at risk.

Safety Planning can relate to fear of violence from a partner, former partner, parent, child or other relative.

The process is confidential however you can authorise the practitioner to forward the risk screening information used to an referred service.

Please be aware that all of our practitioners are mandatory reporters of child abuse. If they believe that there is a credible risk to a child they have an obligation to contact child protection services.

Need help with your own behaviour?

Safety Planning can also be for people who are past users of violence who want help with strategies to prevent any further incidents.

The service is available for men and women.

How can I get help with Safety Planning?

This is not a crisis service. If you are in danger now call the Police on 000 and get out of the danger situation if you can.

To book in for a safety planning session send us an email or call on 1300 079 345


Joanne Law
Author: Joanne Law

Joanne Law provides family dispute resolution and post separation coaching services for Interact Support.