Join the Interact Support Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner Panel

Interact Support has a panel of accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners who work independently or in non-government funded services to provide high quality, efficient and quickly available family dispute resolution services for Interact Support clients.

Getting help to resolve family conflict about money, children and other issues quickly can make the difference for our clients between being able to reach a resolution or ending up with increasing conflict or long periods of waiting with no resolution.

Even though the government funds some FDR services the amount of time is generally limited and the waiting lists are long in many areas.

Our goal at interact is to help people to resolve their separation related or parenting issues quickly in order to avoid child alienation, family conflict and family violence.

What services would I be providing if I am accepted to the panel?

The major service that you would be providing under the panel arrangement is Family Dispute Resolution.

Clients will be referred to you after accessing Interact Support services such as an Interact Consultation or completing the New Ways for Families Course. In some cases they will contact you directly after finding you on the panel listing.

Client Preparation

Where possible we will encourage clients to complete an Interact Support Client File and complete Family DOORS risk screening tool.  You will be provided with a copy of either or both if completed to speed up the information collection process before mediation commences.

Some will already have had an Interact Consultation and may have decided that participating in Family Dispute Resolution is the best process to achieve their goal of a resolution of their family dispute. Others may not have had any information about FDR before they speak with you.

Are you expecting fixed fee services?

No. This is not a referral to a specialised service such as the Legal Advice and Strategy Session we refer people who need to understand their legal situation and options to. We expect you to charge your usual rates.

Pro Bono Services

If you have a policy that allows you to provide a percentage of your services pro bono to people experiencing hardship we may contact you from time to time to ask if you are willing to take on a client. That is entirely at your discretion. For the most part if people are unwilling or unable to pay for family dispute resolution services we advise that they join the queue at their local Family Relationship Centre.


Interact Support was founded and receives ongoing support from Mediation Institute. In return Interact facilitates access to Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners who are willing to mentor interns who are completing the CHC81115 – Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution.

Interns are required to work with a minimum of five different families and participate in a minimum of 50 hours of client related work under the supervision of an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. If there is a student near you then you will most likely be asked to provide the opportunity for them to shadow and/or co-mediate with you. It is up to you if you accept the option of having an intern work with you and not a condition of being on the panel.


Submit our FDRP Panel Application Form.

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About Interact Support

Interact Support is a not-for-profit dedicated to preventing family violence by providing help to families to prevent and resolve disputes and conflict.

We provide training and support for professionals working in the family law context with the New Ways for Families Course and high conflict FDR services to help clients who can’t access standard FDR Services to reach agreements that they can live with.

We encourage the use of the New Ways for Families program to help parents to prepare for negotiation through FDR or if they are in court based on the principal of negotiation skills before decisions.

We also have a service combining the skills of a FDR Practitioner with additional training and a Family Lawyer to offer a lower cost service to complete Consent Order Applications.

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