Are you a FDR Practitioner looking for clients?

Interact Support refers clients who would like to work face to face with clients to independent Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners in their area.

If you are an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner accepting clients we invite you to join our panel.


Interact provides referrals of clients wanting face to face services to family dispute resolution practitioners in their area.

Help to grow your practice

Join in with other family dispute resolution practitioners, coaches and lawyers in a collaborative network of professionals.

Contract Work

Interact Support provides client services via video meeting technology. You may be considered for contract work if you are competent in Video Mediation.

How does the panel work?

Interact Support provides services online. If clients want face to face services we can refer them to accredited family dispute resolution practitioners who can assist them in their local area.
To be accepted on the panel we would ideally like that  you are confident with providing parenting and property family dispute resolution services. You can also indicate if you offer other services such as relationship mediation or legal services.

Is there a referral fee?

No. There is no referral or marketing fee to pay. The arrangement is a simple referral one.

We will provide you with a profile on the site, encourage clients to contact you directly or refer them through to you.

You will invoice them and look after them the same as any of your other clients.

What if I am a new Graduate?

Please be honest in your application regarding your experience.

If you are a new graduate or lack experience we would expect that in accordance with your professional obligations you co-mediate until you are confident in your skills.

Talk to us if you have any concerns about your competence as we may be able to connect you with an experienced practitioner in your area to mentor you.