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Free promotion on the Interact Support website in exchange for providing high quality family dispute resolution services for Interact Support Clients.

The opportunity to apply to become an Interact Support Practitioner for in-house work if you are proficient with video mediation.

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Family Dispute Resolution Services

Referral service for Interact Support Clients who want face to face family dispute resolution services.

Interact Support services are offered via video mediation. Face to face services are provided by referral.

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All fees paid to you

If you are on the referral panel the relationship is a referral one. We provide clients with your information or if the client is vulnerable get their permission to request you to contact them.

It is up to you to explain your services and invoice clients as usual.

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Work at your standard rates

There are no referral fees payable or requirement that you provide the service at a specific rate.

Some of our clients are suffering financial hardship. If you can provide a limited number of pro-bono services that would be appreciated but is not required.

Family Dispute Resolution Services

The clients we refer will range from those who require assistance to negotiate parenting agreements and property settlements through to those who need to review and update their Parenting Orders or Agreements.

We generally only offer services via video mediation or mediator facilitated negotiation if there is a family violence order so the clients we refer to the panel for face to face mediation are lower conflict.

If you are skilled at child inclusive work we may refer clients to you as a child inclusive practitioner to work in partnership with another FDR to assist families where the children as seeking a contribution to the discussion about their care and welfare.

What services can I provide?

Services that we may refer to suitably qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners are for:

  • Parenting Family Dispute Resolution
  • Property Family Dispute Resolution
  • New Ways for Families Coaching (if certified and licensed)
  • Child Inclusive Practitioner Work
  • Divorce Coaching
  • Other relevant specialities

In some cases clients may have already participated in pre-mediation risk screening and preparation.

In most cases they will have had preliminary discussions but you will be undertaking the pre-mediation and mediation services.  

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