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Interact Family Law Options (FLO) Consultation

A service to help you to sort out what your family law options are to for yourself and your children.

The Process

It is a four step process.

The Past

We talk briefly with you about what has happened in your family in the past.

We need to know about any Family Violence, Family Law or Children’s Court Orders in place.

We will also ask if Child Protection or other authorities have been involved with your family.

The Present

Then we talk about what issues you are dealing with right now.

  • The issues might be about your financial situation due to a separation
  • The issues might be due to ongoing or escalating family violence
  • The issues might be about your property settlement and your confusion about your options
  • The issues might be about your children and problems with their other parent
  • The issues might be something else that is making life difficult for you right now and impacting your children

The Future

In this part of the process we look with you towards the future.

What is it you actually want?  How would things look, in an ideal world starting from now, in 12 months time?

What are the steps that would be required to get there?

Is what you would like realistic or even possible at all if everything went to plan?

If not what has to change? Your expectations? Your plan?

Your Goal Plan

In family law there are many things out of your control but not everything.

Your goal plan is all about putting you in the drivers seat of your life.  We will help you to write down your plan for what to do next and what to do after that. 

We will also help you with what’s the next step if you get blocked.

It’s all about making sure you are living above the line where you are in control of what you can control (and knowing what you can control) rather than being a victim of someone else.


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Living above the line

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