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Did you know that exposure to high levels of stress harms your child’s development. It causes them to become reactive and increases their chance of developing a personality disorder or mental health issue.

The good news is that resolving family conflict and creating safe and loving home environments provides them the best chance to grow to their full potential.

Putting aside your personal feelings and learning to work together with your ex is the single most valuable gift you can give your child. 

Post Separation Parenting Guide wide

Post Separation Parenting Guide

This guide contains information about Family Dispute Resolution, Post Separation Parenting and more. 


Family Dispute Resolution Guide

This guide contains information about Family Dispute Resolution processes to help to resolve Parenting and / or Property issues following separation. 

Client File

This document is the client file we use to collect the basic information about you, the other person, your children (if any) your finances (if you want help with a property settlement) and basic details such as your relationship history. 

FDR Agreement to Mediate

This document explains the process and is used to ensure that everyone participating has agreed to the process, confidentiality and other provisions. Our services are provided by Video Mediation or phone.