Excellent Outcome!

Just wanted to say thank you for your help with our parenting agreement, it has now been approved by judge and the court date has been vacated, an excellent outcome, all of this is finally over, fantastic start to year.

Queensland Interact Support client who attended Family Dispute Resolution

This is what a recent client said about Family Dispute Resolution with our Queensland Program Manger, Ken Speakman.

Did you know that you can reach an agreement about parenting even if you have already started Family Court?

Often people believe that they are stuck once they start a Family Court Action and need to continue to pay thousands of dollars every court appearance, even if their case is progressing through the family court too slowly.

If you are in court it is almost guaranteed that getting together and working out a parenting plan is just not going to happen.

There is usually too much water under the bridge, too much has been said and done in the past to allow for those kinds of discussions to be constructive without some help.

Bringing in a support team

In this case the couple were working with a very good family counsellor who was helping them with managed emotions and flexible thinking.

The counsellor, who is also a NMAS Accredited Mediator, attended the Family Dispute Resolution in the role of a communication coach and support person for BOTH parties.

He helped them to keep calm so that they could avoid emotional reactions and participate in the left brain thinking and problem solving required to reach a negotiated agreement.

Ken Facilitated the Family Dispute Resolution Session helping the couple to negotiate a complete Parenting Plan up to a standard that would be able to be accepted by the Family Court as a basis for Orders By Consent. Orders by Consent is the name for orders issued by the court based on an agreement reached by parents who are already in court.

After the mediation session Ken wrote up the agreement and shared it with the couple and worked with them to get it exactly right and something that they could both agree to.

They then advised the court that they had agreement and avoided the need to have a full hearing saving each of them thousands of dollars.

A great outcome for the couple and their children.

The true potential of Family Dispute Resolution

Our goal at Interact Support is to use the high level skills of Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners to help families resolve disputes and avoid conflict.

We don’t have government funding but do everything we can to keep out fees low with our basic fee $198 including GST.

If your family is high conflict then there may be two practitioners working with you so the $198 will be per person.

If you are less high conflict then you will work with one practitioner or perhaps a practitioner and an intern.

We can include your family counsellor, your lawyers or other support people in your dispute resolution process or even assist with a negotiation process where there is never any direct contact between you if your situation is very high conflict with a history of high levels of family violence.

Find out more by reading our services pages or getting in contact with Interact Support.

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