DV Aware Training

Lifeline is currently offering a free 2 hour course on Family and Domestic Violence available for all Australians over the age of 18.

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We strongly recommend doing the course:

  • if you think that some of the behaviour in your relationship, by you or by your partner, is family violence or
  • if you have been accused of perpetrating family violence but don’t believe that is what your behaviour is or
  • if you have a family member or friend who seems to have changed, avoids spending time with you, has unexplained injuries or has a partner who behaves in a way that makes you not want to spend time with them or
  • said something like “I didn’t hit them so it isn’t family violence” or “they didn’t hit them so it isn’t family violence” (Hint: that myth will be completely debunked)
  • if you want to be better informed about family violence

In other words every adult could benefit from this course!

DV-Alert 2 hour workshop – link to more information and registration

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