Do I have to say yes to Mediation?

Do I have to say yes to Mediation?

No you don’t have to say yes to mediation because it is a voluntary process but why wouldn’t you say yes? 

Mediation is confidential so you can find out what the other person wants and thinks will resolve the dispute without risk. 

The mediator has an obligation to keep the process safe and respectful.

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When you should say no to mediation

  • Don’t say yes to an unaccredited Mediator!  There is a national mediator accreditation system in Australia. If someone claims to be a mediator but hasn’t bother or been able to meet the requirements to be approved for accreditation under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) we don’t think you should put yourself at risk by allowing them to mediate.  All Interact Support Mediators are NMAS Accredited Mediators. 

  • Don’t say yes to an unregistered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRP’s) are post graduate qualified family law mediators who can help you to resolve parenting and property settlement disputes and reach agreements about any issues related to separation and divorce. NMAS Mediators are not qualified to provide family law mediation services under the Family Law Act 1975. All Interact Support Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners are registered with the Attorney Generals Department. 

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