Dispute Diagnostic Service

Are you confused about your options to resolve a dispute?

Worried that it will get worse but don't know what to do to make it get better?

You're not alone.

A dispute diagnostic conversation can help you to work out what to do next.

Phone Or Web Meeting

The dispute diagnostic is a short phone meeting or you can book more time for a video meeting to discuss your situation in more detail.  No need to travel and you can provide documents to give context by email in advance.

Family Dispute Resolution
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A conversation about your situation

The session is about you and the issues you are facing.

The facilitator will start by asking you what the issues are in 25 words or less. We know that is super difficult as disputes get complex and confusing really quickly. 

We help you to paint the picture

If you don’t have clarity about your options and what you are trying to achieve it leaves you vulnerable to others. We support and encourage collaborative negotiation. Sometimes when there is a dispute it can feel hopeless but with a bit of help perhaps you can co-design a mutually acceptable future. 

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What happens in a Dispute Diagnostic Session?

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1. Book an appointment

The first step is to book in for a dispute diagnostic session. We have practitioners available to take your call during the day as well as some evening and weekend availability.

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2. Have your meeting

The mediator will talk with you about your situation and help to "triage" and work out what your options are. If you are already engaged in a dispute resolution process they will help you to check your preparation.

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No Payment Required

The service is complimentary giving you a confidential and risk free way to talk about your situation. There are fees for our mediation and negotiation support services.

Dispute Diagnostic
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Dispute Diagnostic

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