Consent Order Applications

Interact Support provides assistance to apply for Consent Orders.

They are a way of making an agreement you’ve reached about parenting or property legally enforceable.

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Get Parenting Orders

If you have an agreement about parenting get Parenting Orders the easy way.

We help to convert your Parenting Agreement into enforceable Consent Orders. You can even replace previous orders with new Consent Orders.

Get Property Orders

If you have an agreement about property get Property Orders the easy way.

We help to convert your Property Agreement into enforceable Consent Orders. Don’t waste money, get Consent Orders.

Professional but lower cost

Interact Support Consent Order service uses Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and Lawyers working together.

This keeps the cost and the conflict lower than working just with lawyers.

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Contact Us to find out more

Parenting AND Property Consent Orders

If done at the same time
  • All things necessary to apply for a Parenting Consent Order
  • All things necessary to apply for a basic Property Consent Order. Additional Fees apply if property title searches, requests for procedural fairness (approval for super splits) or other services are required.
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Additional Costs

May apply for your Property Orders
$300 /item
  • $300 per super split
  • $300 per property title transfer (real estate)
  • $150 per other title transfer
  • At cost title searches and other disbursements (if required)
Why should I get Consent Orders?

Consent Orders are an enforceable agreement exactly the same as an order handed down by a Judge except they are based on an agreement you reached.


If that agreement was hard won in Mediation or Negotiation then it is a good idea to lock it in so that you have an agreed standard of care for your children regarding day to day and other situations. If your post separation relationship is still tense then Consent Orders make a lot of sense.


If you have agreed to a Super Split or you are transferring assets then you will need Consent Orders or a Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) A Binding Financial Agreement requires you each to have separate lawyers and generally will cost $4,000 – $7,000 each so getting Consent Orders is a cheaper and easier option.

If you don’t have many assets, there is no super split or everything is being sold and distributed you may not need Property Orders. Just be aware that by right each party to a relationship has the opportunity to come back for more even if you’ve considered that you’ve finalized your property split. If you are married for up to 12 months after your divorce and if you were not married for up to two years after you separate.

Consent Orders are the end of your financial relationship and avoid any possible liability for future debts they incur or ability to claim against any future financial windfalls you may enjoy.

What happens during the Consent Order Application Process?
  • Our FDR Practitioner allocated to you will review your agreement and help you to add in any additional detail needed for orders.
  • They will also collect the information needed for an application
  • Once they are satisfied with the information you’ve provided they will forward it on to one of our Lawyers who will review to identify any gaps in what they need to draft (write) the proposed orders.
  • If they have further questions they will send them back to the FDR Practitioner who will communicate with you both to make sure they are answered
  • Once the necessary information is available to the Lawyer they will draft the Orders and complete the Application.
  • If there is a super split proposed they will write to the Super Fund with the proposed Orders asking for them to provide a letter.
  • The lawyer will return the application and proposed orders to the FDR Practitioner who will explain the changed wording to you to make sure that the meaning of the orders has not changed from your agreement and you understand what you will be agreeing to.
  • Once satisfied you will both be asked to sign the orders and application. We encourage you to seek independent legal advice before signing orders as they are legally binding and enforceable.
  • The orders can then be submitted to the court for approval. There is a fee unless the applicant has a health care card. You do not have to go to court or speak with a Judge when applying for Consent Orders however a court official will review them to make sure that they are fair and reasonable.
  • After the orders are approved the property titles and super fund transfers can take effect.
Can't I do my own Consent Orders?

Yes there is a Do It Yourself process available for Consent Orders however many people find that the process is difficult.

Unless the proposed Consent Orders are properly worded they will be rejected by the court.

I have a Court Order. Can we still get Consent Orders?


Yes you can. As long as the Court Order doesn’t expressly forbid it being replaced with a Consent Order (very rare) you can use a Consent Order to replace some or all of the terms of your Court Order.

Consent Orders are always based on mutual agreement and can’t be sought by one person only so you both must agree to the proposed orders.


Property Orders are final and generally can’t be modified once they have been handed down by a Judge. There are some exceptions to this for example if information was withheld contrary to the duty of full disclosure or one of you has not done what you were required to do under the orders.

You can’t use Consent Orders to supersede Property Orders. You’d have to go back to court.  Book in for a Legal Advice and Strategy Session to find out if you have a case.

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