Coaching is like individualised training, mentoring, advising and empowering all wrapped up together to support you achieving your goals. Did we mention reality testing and accountability as well?

A coach who is qualified in dispute resolution can help to navigate a conflict situation. If you are in dispute with someone get in touch for a dispute diagnostic or an interact consultation for Family Law Disputes.

Flexible, accessible coaching

When you are working with a coach you need to have a regular schedule of contact but you also need to be able to check in if something is urgent.  Within reason our coaches are available by text and email in between sessions.  They may also recommend training to assist you with knowledge and skills gaps that are affecting you. 

Video Mediation


Our coaching is delivered by video meeting and/or phone because the flexibility, lack of the need for room hire fees and travel expenses means you only pay for the coaches expertise not unnecessary overheads.  

Don’t care about that? You want to meet face to face?

You can speak to the coach about working with them directly in their own professional practice if you want face to face services.

Coaching always starts with a goal

Coaching is goal directed. When you are training a course designer decides what you are going to learn and the trainer delivers the learning content. 

In coaching you decide what your goal is. What you want to achieve, change, avoid and have instead.  Your coach will help you to clarify your goal as the first step in any coaching relationship.   Once you and the coach both know where you want to get to they can help you to achieve your goal through the work they do with you.


Interact Support Coaching Services

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Contact Us

If you have questions or can't find the coaching you want to do contact us. We may be able to help you through one of our coaching services. Because coaching is very individualised the information on our web page can't identify all of the ways a coach can help.

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Having trouble with options?

If you are feeling stuck and blocked we are always happy to have a quick chat to help you work out if coaching would help. If we are about you can chat now using our chat bot. If we're not send a message and we'll get back to you.

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Payment Options

We have flexible payment options available to help if you have a cash flow constraint. If you are experiencing hardship but really want the help of a coach some of our practitioners may agree to offer even more discounted rates.

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It's Flexible

We use technology because it allows us to be more accessible, flexible and responsive. Your coach can work with you by phone but it is much better if you can access a computer so you can share documents, diagrams and other information as well as see each other in video chat.

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Coaching is a relationship

Coaching can be offered as a one off session but most people prefer the ongoing support that comes with a coaching program. It's up to you, your budget and the level of support you want.

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Ups and downs

If you have an interpersonal or legal issue it's an emotional roller coaster. You may be finding it difficult to cope with the range of emotions you are experiencing. A coach can help you to recognise when your resilience is low and refer you through to a specialist who can provide you with mental health support. Coaching isn't counselling or psychology which are therapeutic approaches. Coaching is practical support for you to achieve your goals and objectives.

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If you are looking for coaching in an area related to dispute resolution get in touch to see if we can help.

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